The Phantom Four & The Arguido
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The Phantom Four & The Arguido


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7" Gun On My Temple/ A Forrest 2010 Velser Herrie/Suburban
EP The Obscure EP 2011 Velser Herrie/Suburban



The Phantom Four & The Arguido are the best surfband from The Netherlands powered by the legendary frontman of the Urban Dance Squad. Together they create a unique sound that combines the rawness of eighties surf punk and new wave with a modern rock sound. The quintet plays a unique crossover between The Treble Spankers (predecessor of The Phantom Four) and old school Urban Dance Squad. The music sounds familiar and innovative, but is especially impressive live.

On May 12, 2011 "The Obscure" has been released on the label Velser Noise / Suburban. A debut EP with six tracks that are partially mixed by the Swedish Pelle Gunnerfeldt (including The Hives, Refused & Fireside). After a long search for the right sound Pelle turned out to be the man for the sound of The Phantom Four & The Arguido. His contribution has given the material a huge boost.

The songs on the EP are varied. Besides four own tracks with a variety of distinctive sounds the EP includes a cover of New Order's "Leave Me Alone" and an instrumental version of "A Forest" by The Cure. The powerful vocals of Rudeboy are a perfect match with the reverb drenched surf guitars of both guitarists. Phantom Frank: "I have not heard this before. It is an interesting combination that works well. The match between Rudeboy and me is that we both grew up as punks. We also share a fondness for New Wave of the eighties".

The seemingly awkward cooperation came unexpected but developed smoothly into a new project. Phantom Frank: "A few years ago we played in the Bitterzoet in Amsterdam. After the show Rudeboy, who has been friends with our drummer for years, came to us to express his enthusiasm about our show. A year later we called him and asked him to record a song together for our upcoming (otherwise) instrumental album. We started playing live together and what began as a guest performance of a song evolved into a completely new project. "

Many surfers, skaters, boarders, rockabillies and punks are drawn to The Phantom & The Four Arguido. The rawness and energy of the band on stage often make for wild scenes in the pit. On stage, the quintet does not lack experience in performing. For the past six years The Phantom Four played nearly all major venues and festivals in The Netherlands and performed with artists such as Fun Lovin Criminals, G. Love & Special Sauce, Dick Dale and The Trashmen. The track record of The Arguido goes without saying. Coming summer this new sensation will be doing an extensice club and festival tour.

During summer, the band goes into the studio to record their full debut album. Expected to appear in the fall The Phantom & The Four Arguido will permanently make history in Dutch music scene.

3voor12 quote: "It is certain that we are dealing with the festival sensation of 2011. This will guarantee lots of jumping and and moshing kids at Lowlands and Metropolis, as before ... "

LiveXS quote: "Rudeboy and these icons from the Dutch surf scene create a strong crossover in which all the best elements of the Urban Dance Squad and The Treble Spankers can be found”