The Phantom in the Woodwork

The Phantom in the Woodwork

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

The Phantom in the Woodwork was born in May of 2011 with four original members; Ernie, Adam, Charlie and Wayne. We are a Progressive Metal band with a fusion of Hard Rock and Death Metal influences. Every member takes their roles very seriously, as we plan to take this band to a professional level.


We started out as a four piece prog-metal band from Mansfield, OH. We all have different influences and musical backgrounds. Ernie is our drummer but he also plays guitar, bass, banjo, and keys along with vocal work in acts ranging from a satirical grind-core band to a one-man rap group. Adam has had 5+ years of vocal work for many local bands and has been dedicated to refining his skills as a singer. He also has had extensive experience as a show organizer and promoter before he ever came into music, using this to the bands advantage. Charlie may not look like much, but he's a mean guitarist with a strong background in the local rock scene and influences ranging from Rush to Black Sabbath - with the skills to match! Wayne is dedicated and never late, a reliable member, to be sure.
Our first six song album, Dead Man's hand, was recorded and produced only 3 months after the band was formed - Our original copies sold out within a few months. We already have 10+ songs with plans for a mid-summer release and even plans to book our own tour.
We are all dedicated to the love of music and the success of the band. Using our progressive sound and willingness to push forward and drive our careers into the professional circuit, we will be making serious headway within a short amount of time. And while we all understand that there are no guarantees in this business, we believe that hard DIY work and perseverance wins out in the end.


Dead Man's Hand - 2011

Set List

Dead Man's Hand
High Plains Shifter
500 Tons
Sorry is for Suckers
Jake Links
Trucker Bombs & Soccer Moms