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Imani of The Pharcyde

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Written By: Imani

[sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday] [2x]

everyday..u cant escape the..."mad dash" for paper
u cant escape the..need for paper!

Everybody everywheres trying to get the paper...u cant escape the need for paper!
We all need paper, everyday people be scrapin together nickels and dimes and quarters in
order to, herb,and gas in that order.....who got soul? U know whos got soul!
UNCLEIMANI wont lose control...."pressure busts pipes & makes diamonds outta coal"
we're almost always on the road, or always on the go, or always comin' back or always in
the studio! home the function of the operating systems...fluctuating
capital PHARCYDE we keeps u waitin'
..C H O R U S..
U cant escape the..and why would u wanna got a cut thats a stunna make u bang out
ya hummer make u sub out ya subaru while they stare like a "lookie-lou" trying to be witness to all that they put u thru..and they stll cant break ya..alot of reproductions but they still cant make ya! gotta give a shout out to the creata'...inventor of the elements
that sedate ya...just to get by they wanna put a tryin to be a B L Q S T R
tinted windows fast car on the uprise u can see it my eyes hear it in my words when i hit the curves
..C H O R U S..
Everyday u cant escape the news or the TV or the news that they put up in the think is allowed to have a smoking gun and cant have a smoking blunt is crazy! I'd
rather..put a philly into little Jimmys hands then to a mini--mach into little Jimmys hands cuz...."GUNS are a MF" and the PEOPLE in my neighborhood ARE CRAZY as a "MF".
between the ricochets and the bullets that strays who knows the names of all the people its grazed..when i hear makes me dance..when they hear music they pull guns out of they pants
..C H O R U S..
U cant escape the..we got the vibe on shackle..the groove on lock u know whos gonna rock! U gonna hop right out your seat..just move to the beat another pharcyde treat...for u to taste exquisite "audio cuisine" cooked up in K-town right next to the kim-chi..hit u with the goodstuff when you're feeling all empty..desperate & despair pharcydes there!
for u to lean on like daddy kane...he made me wanna rap shit aint been the same.since
nerves all balled up feeling all tense..trying to make a dollar outta 15 i can make it thru the daily all come to focus when i see my little ladies smiles!
we can go on for miles switch back and forth flip the styles chip my files down..load and burn peep the new skit..its the new shit..u wanna move so just.........
..C H O R U S..

Make Me Feel

Written By: Imani/Computer J

"we love the way the Music..makes me feeeeeeeel"
computer jay.....

the rhythm does something to me...
when im stressed out its soothing..
basslines keep life could be
sad or and anger fusing..compassionate and abusing
upstown...winning and losing
upstown...winning ang losing
why do u listen to...Music i listen to..Music cuz it calms me down....when im stressing out!
music calms the savage beast..thats raging inside of us...when i hear music i..i.
lose my mind...find my soul...intentions blind...its beautiful!
..C H O R U S..
relax and let it penetrate your soul..let it stimulate your whole DONT IT FEEL GREAT?!
my digital audio is audible extacy....she said...she liked the way the music makes her feel...when shes standing next to me for real...cant stand still {naw}!
the engery comes from beyond the clouds the crowd responds to sound when its turned up loud {bang it}
..C H O R U S..


Written By: Imani

my life(4x) the nighttime
[uh-huh]everybody loves the nighttime
the moon the stars and the freaks come the nighttime
its the right time...cuz everybody loves the life [4x]
in the nighttime..the moon and the stars and the freaks come out
in the night time...u know what im talking about the nighttime is the right time..
now the party dont start until after dark and it aint til 12 til the party really starts
but strange been in the jam since past noon and when i hear the boom i howl at the moon
in the nighttime the fullmoon'll make'em soul clap..under the moon light we're makin'
moonshine...we write rhymes by candlelight in the night time we meditate by candlelight
..C H O R U S.. at i can so i can....have another 'nocturnal fantasy'.as soon as the sun splashes into the sea..seems like ages ago since i lost my innocence NOW we shine marvelous like the lights shimmering in the distance remember DOSIER told ya
CITIZENSTRANGE is from beyond the stars..under the cover of moonlight escape into the nighttime sky...everythings right...we focus on the force use the force some might lose
their way of course..........
..C H O R U S..
sacred to many people....special to many people
stars ignite the sky like diamonds twikl-ling...when the sunsets and moon comes out
CITIZENSTRANGE does his thing...u know what i mean
one thing u can do in the nighttime is daydream [know what i mean?]
get home and get dressed..step out the shower looking fresh ready to impress....
..C H O R U S..



Set List

Imani “ Citizenstrange” Set list.
30 mins

B.M.S. (Bang My Sh*&)
DJ Break
Today w/ intro
Pharcyde Medley (on the DL, Hey U, Guestlist)
Care or Tell me
Bassheavy #6
DJ Break
Go Imani (Get Busy)
Pharcyde Medley (Da Bomb, Runnin, Passin me Bye)