The Phat Mavericks

The Phat Mavericks


The Phat Mavericks play upbeat rock songs spiced up with hints of Jazz, Swing, and Funk flavor that keep the body moving and the ear interested.


Four members from different musical backgrounds come together to form one eclectic group. Influenced by everything from rock, jazz, punk, funk, soul, hip-hop, and even a little R&B, you never know what to expect when you come to The Phat Mavericks shows'. From an arsenal of original songs that take you through the whole spectrum of emotions, to a catalog of covers that include new hits, old classics, and some of the best, almost forgotton, b-sides, The Phat Mavericks do not disappoint.


Debut LP: Zebra Gazebo

due out early 2008

Set List

Our typical setlist is 1-2 hours of upbeat orginals and covers(60/40%) including Cake, Elvis,Talking Heads and more. We strive to have a comfortable and fun atmosphere at every show, no matter the crowd size.