The Phil Langran Band

The Phil Langran Band


Beautifully crafted songs about regret, determination, death and disappearance, wry humour, and love of course. The musical inspiration is Celtic and American, folky and bluesy, country, jazzy and rootsy. A rich expressive acoustic sound. Tears well up in the eyes of audience and band alike.


Phil is from the south of England, where he honed his split personality playing electric guitar in pub bands and acoustic in folk clubs in the Brighton area. He later left a trail of broken strings in London, Leeds and Hull, whilst developing a knack of playing with people who would one day be famous, but not while he was around.

Now resident in Nottingham, Phil has been performing his songs for the past five years with guitarist and banjo-tamer, Steve Benford. Just lately they seem to have formed a band with Mark Walker on bass and Frank McCarthy on electric guitar. They are often joined by saxophonist Pippa Marland of Carmina. They sing the poignant lyrics of Langran. They play his plangent airs. Tears well up in the eyes of audience and performers alike.

Forthcoming gigs for 2010 include festival appearances at Southwell, Otley and the Moira Furnace folk festivals.

“Phil Langran has long been a paid-up member of the Bushel and Light Hiding Co. Melodically his roots are mostly from across the pond; loping country chords, Appalachian ballad forms, with a Celtic slew here and there, notably on Dunmanus Bay, that sets a new standard in sea-gazing songs. But if the musical forms stay fairly close to the shore, it’s the lyrics that lift these songs way above the mundane. This is premier league wordsmithery, laced with lines that vault into your memory or detonate on third hearing. Complex but not over-wordy, there’s an emotional honesty at work here that doesn’t hide in the clever-clever. If there are obscure or ambivalent lines, then they’re not there by accident. As for themes, we’re firmly in Songwriter Central – regret, determination, death and disappearance, wry humour, love of course.” [Tykes’ News]

“Phil and the band were laid back and on form performing songs by Phil himself very, much a crossover between contemporary Folk and Country. I really love his material, lots of Major Seventh Chords with bosonova type beats, real chill out music. Don't miss these boys at the Moira Furnace Folk Festival in August 2010.” [Dave Johns, Organiser of the Scragg End Acoustic Club, Leicestershire]
“Phil Langran showed on 4th March what a fine songwriter and performer he is. Those of us who know him well have become accustomed to his excellent songs and they continue to impress and please even after previous hearings.” [John Chambers, Organiser of the Second Time Around Folk Club, Nottingham]


Phil has recorded three albums of original songs: Learning by Heart (1997), Rain Don’t Fall (2002) and This Day (2005). His latest album, 'Here' will be released in 2010.

Set List

The band is happy to play up to two 45 minute sets of Phil's own songs.