The Phillip Bradley Band

The Phillip Bradley Band


Smooth vocals reminiscent of, James Taylor, and a musical style inspired by Bright Eyes and Sufjan Stevens.


One score and four years ago an oh so righteous couple brought forth unto the earth a son, and they named him, Phillip. Raised during the years of Wham!, and later Right Said Fred, neither of whom had any influence on Phillip at all. He was nurtured in music by his family, Billy Joel and Sublime. After years of flourishing in the heart of the country, this Missouri choirboy decided to spread his wings and travel west. He landed in Los Angeles where he attended the prestigious Musicians Institute.
Once all knowledge was absorbed from his learnings, he returned home to forge his legacy. Teaming with his friends at Hail Gatsby Records, they beget The Phillip Bradley E.P. And the rest, as they say, is history...Amen.


The Phillip Bradley E.P.
new studio recording soon!