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In 2010 The Phoenix Paradox finished recording their self-titled first album in the studio High Hopes Recording House under the supervision and arrangements by Roger Jaffet (Jeltro), which includes the following tracks:

1. La marcha del dragon.
2. Leteo.
3. Jibaro.
4. Luna catarsis.
5. Paradox Oblivion.
6. Ecos de luz.
7. SoƱando con elefantes.
8. Rio Recuerdo.



The story of The Phoenix Paradox begins in Toluca, experimenting with elements and progressions sound environments that allow free interpretation of his music making strides in the experimental rock scene, allowing the audience to know dimensions that only arrives with his music.

The band name comes from the taste of the members for the space and sounds, as well as the phoenix after death rising from the ashes to create more life.

"If you want to lose touch with reality, dive into your deepest thoughts and feeling that reach the beginning of the end of space and time to enter the world of sound The Phoenix Paradox"
Carolina Romero - fan

The Phoenix Paradox born in 2003, year in which Luis F. Santillan and Luis Carlos Antunez, graduates of the School of Architecture and Design, the concept of comics fans, film and rock, began experimenting with new sounds. The first plays bass and is the current drummer of the band, the second calls himself a bassist playing guitar, key characteristics peculiar sound of the band. For half of 2004, the band joins Daniel Santillan providing environmental sounds and cathartic, in turn joins Miguel Santillan providing a low fast and complex, ending the band alignment.
People have placed the band within the Experimental Progressive Rock, Post Rock, and the Rock Ambient and even in the Ambient Down, but truly, the members play music instrumental pseudo-conceptual and experimental creating environments that allow them to express themselves, with the voice that gives each of their instruments.

As expressed by the members of the band: "Something that helps us not to fall into the conventions to create our music, is the fact that the influences we have are not only musical, but also had knowledge of poetry, literature, comic , cinema and even the sounds of nature. "

In 2011 and 2012 the band is mainly engaged in cultural festivals occur in different regions of the State of Mexico, leaving aside forums performances in bars and music itself in mid-2012 activity is resumed musical forums, seeking to expand the world of sound experimenting with other sounds and musical influences.

The Phoenix Paradox is defining and perfecting his music as time passes, hence in 2013 it makes the decision to get back into the studio to record the second album, being followed keeping out of the conventions of the current music scene.