The Phonebooth Criminals

The Phonebooth Criminals


Blues, rock, southern


The Phonebooth Criminals all attend Rosedale Heights School of the arts in Toronto. We pretty much met each other from going around and jamming with different people, Zack and Tariq decided to start a band when they both found each other in their strings class. Soon enough they put away the fiddle and the double bass, and went electric. They found a drummer who was also a close friend as well as a keyboard player who as luck would bring it didn't sound too shabby. They now find themselves trying to push this band to new heights, hoping to bring back a more vintage sound that they feel has been lost. Influences include Neil Young, Freddie King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, Blind Faith, Led Zeppelin, The funk brothers, Marvin Gaye, Rolling Stones, Cream, The Band.


Nancy 2:23
Don't know where to start 2:39
Dont leave me through the back door 4:05
Wouldnt it be wise 3:06

Set List

15 songs: Nancy, Distant Love, Don't leave me.., It gets cold, Strange beauty, Searching, Helpless (Neil Young), It's time, Don't know where to start, Octopus' Garden (Beatles), Wouldn't it be wise, The Weight (The Band), No Religion, Shooter
45-50 minutes