'Phubus are a pure slice of rock cake that will leave you hungry for more'


About Phubus

Phubus are serious about what they do and how they create a music fusion. They are not interested in being the average band but want to take things as far as they can go. We now witness both growth and depth to the exciting new direction that they take.

XFM radio have showcased the first single 'It's not my Fault' and the band have been getting interview offers up and down the Country between touring. As well as the Uk Phubus are getting noticed in Europe and achieving the interest of America. This is something most artists only dream of but can never do. In fact Netrock radio have asked them to play out there and Skope Magazine have offered too.

Having matured in sound the band are now ready to take a fresh look and build on the successes so far. MTV have now put faith into the band and are giving them publicity. The new tracks are Blister, Wage, and Behemoth and are getting a positive response from the Music Industry the world over. Record and Publishing deal offers are pouring in from as far as Canada and also interest in Germany.
We have come to realise that

Phubus is rock!