JD and The Phuzz

JD and The Phuzz


The Phuzz draws upon the roots of American music to form their own blend of Rock/Jam/Funky mayhem. Heavy in percussion and jam, the bands original music resonates with depth in lyric and adventurousness in musicianship. A blend of Allmans, Dead, and Dr. John-ish swagger.


The Phuzz originated out of a collaboration between songwriter Andrew Wheeler and multi-dimensional musician JD King in 2005. Former Buddy Guy tour drummer extraordinaire Kevin Johnston and Curt "Noodles" West round out the diverse group built upon the roots of the Allmans, Grateful Dead, Santana, Pink Floyd and other straight forward rock/blues like Mule, Zeppelin and Stevie Ray. While the band takes crowds through a diverse set of original music, they always seem to fall back to their roots and dabble in a little percussion based jam, coming in and out of genres and flavors. King, an admitted Mule freak, goes between slide guitar, percussion, and lead vocal while drummer Johnston simply blows the mind of almost everyone who steps into the room. I am not kidding. Wheelers gift is songwriting, the Steve Cripe axe, and the B3. His lyrics carry a depth and color which offer a connection and the opportunity to personalize the lyric by the listener. There are strange combinations of music and lyrics that make this band unique. For instance, there is the bluegrass tinged "Camel Toe Mafia" which celebrates the obvious, and the crowd favorite "Whatcha Got?" which uses hippie-profiling by the Boys in Blue to celebrate a way of life. Another favorite is "40 till Five", which is a combination of an orchestrated, Song remains the Same/Harry Hood type intro that goes into a Marley-esque reggae groove. "The Wolf" is an Allman-ish, mournful tune that explodes into a Floyd-like jam. "Mr. Whitebones" is a journey through the life of a white pimp, with again...lots of jam. "Bad Feeling" is another Wheeler/King 'She done me wrong' song with an Allman feel. The band plays mainly in mid-central Illinois, Indiana, and Chicago. A constant comment the band gets from clubs and newfound fans is "You ought to be out there on the road, playing festivals. Why haven't I ever heard of you guys before?" The basic fact is that the band has no official management, and the joys of playing in the moment have been enough up until now. Per the comments of Wheeler..."Labels like the pretty boys and the heavy stuff...we just jam, and love doing it. Our sound is retro, and that ain't selling right now, unless you're talking about festivals. We just need that one little break, and we could be another Widespread type of thing. I got too many ex-wives to be playing for peanuts, man."


Whatcha Got?

Written By: Andrew Wheeler

It used to be a garden
Now its a parking lot
look What ya Got
never know which way to turn, no
Messages get mixed
and Jones' get fixed
Well I can't resist
Mother Nature in the Hizz-ouse y'all
Contraband in Hand
Straight doggin' the Man
I gotta a master plan

Keep on Keepin on
Like I done before
Politics don't matter none to me
They got the money
So they call the shots
Gonna keep on keepin on with What I got

Drivin down the road
I hit a traffic stop
He said Whatch Got?
Like I'm gonna give it up, boss
I'm only driving home
why don't ya leave me alone
Why ya gotta know where I'm going
and up to
When I ain't all fucked up
He said 'before this goes too far
I'm gonna search your car
Keep your hands where they are"
Think you probably got the cause, officer
Seatbelts on I ain't broke no traffic law
Here comes the Dogs

Keep on keepin on
like I done before
Politics don't matter none to me
Stuck on the frontlines
Out here in the combine
Gonna keep on keepin on with what I got

40 Till Five

Written By: andrew Wheeler

three hundred sixty five
the only numbers I need to get to heaven
And I'm always right on time

three hundred sixty five
It's only numbers I need to get to heaven
And I'm feelin fine,
Oh yes I

The Wolf

Written By: Andreew Wheeler

The Wolf is waiting at my door
Tell him to come inside
Chokes on Blood but he still wants more
Still wants more

Paint the sky crimson river
Wash away the day
Try and hold it all together, baby
As you feel it slip away

Read my mind, Stole my thunder
then you hung me out to dry
Feel I'm falling six feet under
Should of let you walk on by..


A pure live band...only bootlegs are readily available. The bands only excursion into a studio ended in digital disaster....like two cans with a string between them. If I hear the word "gate" ever again, it will be soon followed by an act of violence.

Set List

Besides originals, the band will play Santana (Soul Sacrifice, Ain't got Nobody, Black Magic Woman, Oye Como Va, and others), All kinds of Allmans and Grateful Dead...including a massive One Way Out/Whipping Post/Franklins Tower Jam, Stevie Ray, Zeppelin, Floyd, Johnny Cash, Soggy Bottom Boys (that ain't old timey!), Stevie Wonder, Sublime, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper.....plus some good ole southern rock like Skynard and Molly Hatchet (No Freebird or Alabama!). JD is a walking jukebox, so really anything can happen musically. While there is an intentional looseness to the jams, the band is tight where it needs to be....just like a lot of good things are.