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I am a RAP Artist at his absolute finest. I don't represent anything except life & the seeking of truth. Whether it be through wit, wordplay, humor, &/or direct seriousness, what I offer is a genuine look at life through honest eyes.


I'm an MC/Rap Artist. I've been rhyming since 13 years old & have never stopped. I prefer to work in a group but am forced to do solo stuff as well. Peep!


This Life

Written By: the PIC

Chorus: This Life aint nothin' but a day but a day but a day, This Life it can change it can change it can change, This Life aint nothin' but a day but a day but a day, This Life it can fade it can fade it can fade away.
Verse 1: 1 for the unsure 2 for future 3 for the hero & forget the loser. Rules to this game, aint no rules you just say what you say & do what you choose to. Daily distractions don't let it confuse you the people don't care they're just there to amuse you. Aint no difference between old & new school, it's all about the now & what's significant to you. & aint nothin' gonna stop this, too much on my mind many things to accomplish. 10% logic, 90% ahh shhh & turn human when the times turn monstrous. Seeing through the nonsense, reading in between the lines & seeing rhymes in my conscious. Keep it constant, pushin' & plottin' for progress, on my daily conquest now onto the next.
Verse 2: In the blink of an eye, write it down 'fore the ink runs dry. Some sink, some fly, some'll barely get by & spend this life driftin' through time. Livin' on a line between real life & dream trying to see straight, hard to keep the eyes clean. While the blind lead the blind on a mind scheme & all the kids are gettin' high on a pipe dream. Makes the hype seem real, enough to make your mind ill everyone around you got their eyes sealed. Time stands still but this life won't chill, the most frills blowin' bills, souls for sale, another closed deal. Yeah I heard the whole spiel, for me it don't appeal might as well close your grill. Now, just like they say, while you spend your life looking for change life can change in a day.
Bridge: gotta be (a way), gotta find (a way), gotta get (away), now's the time (repeat 4 times)
Verse 3: I know you're human 'cause all you really want is to be in looking for what fits you. Breathin' a little deeper than you'd wish to, just seein' yourself livin' this official. Another day another issue it seems like, real life just trying to get this thing right. Green light get the go ahead don't forget to keep an open head & don't ever hold your breath. The only threat to your being is not seeing your true potential getting lost in the superficial. Individuals lookin' for a new beginning, either it's too traditional or too trendy. It's where the road sent me so I walk the mile, I came all this way aint no stoppin' now. Aint nothin' I can tell ya' but one day when the sun takes it all away like an acapella they'll say...


LP's: ILLADAPTED: Paper or Plastic? 1998, Youthful Indiscretion 2002, The EP 2005.
THE CHILLA: 52 Dudley.

Set List

I have 2 very different groups whereas the set lists are almost complete opposites. See the myspace pages listed above for a thorough description.