the pickPocket ensemble

the pickPocket ensemble

 San Francisco, California, USA

New music for the world cafe - Inspired by many world musical traditions, the pickPocket ensemble inhabit a country all their own. Original, fresh and engaging, the pickPocket ensemble create a contemporary chamber cafe music that moves both body and soul.


From the street corner to the concert hall, the pickPocket ensemble create a contermporary chamber cafe music that moves both body and soul. Based in Northern California, we have toured internationally and released 6 CD's of original music. Our music has been featured in several films and on NPR and public television.
To listen to the pickPocket ensemble is to embark on a journey. Speak to audience members after a performance: one will have been to Bogota, one to Prague, one to Paris. Yet for all its wide-ranging inspirations, the music of the pickPocket ensemble remains intensely personal and immediately engaging, an invitation to listen in on an intimate and ongoing conversation.


  • Rick Corrigan - Accordion and Composition 
  • Yates Brown -  Guitar and Banjo
  • Chloe Allen - Violin
  • John Slattery - percussion
  • Kurt Ribak - Double Bass

"A sublime and nuanced hip acoustic band." - West Coast Live Radio.


memory (2010)
Soul Cafe (CD) 2007
Fingerpainting in Red Wine (CD) 2005
If I Were A Highway (CD) 2003
A Streetcar Too Far (CD) 2000
International House Of Dreams (CD) 1999

Set List

The pickPocket ensemble have a set list of 45+ original pieces. Our pieces run anywhere from 2 minutes to 8-10 minutes. Improvisation is an integral part of our performance. We generally play one hour sets, sometimes as many as three, but usually one or two in an evening.