the pick-Up Sticks

the pick-Up Sticks


the pick-Up Sticks is a raw, gut-thumping anti-pop surge that rocks between love and war and everything in between. He-guitar (The pick-Up) and She-drums (Sticks) face the embattled world dead on with distored, textured power chords and heavy yet whimsical rhythms.


The pick-Up Sticks were born from the web pages of the Los Angeles Recycler Magazine, in the month of September, 2003. The sound was brewed alongside the abandoned train tracks of industrial Vernon, CA, where their first practice space resided. This particular building is located in between a meat packing plant and a pastry factory. As the duo rehearsed into the early morning hours, the horrifying odors of slaughtered flesh and high fructose corn syrup penetrated the massive concrete walls of their studio and found its way to their taste buds. Most bands were smart enough to stay away at these hours, but for the pick-Up Sticks, it was a calling. These kinds of opposing forces are the blood that runs through the veins of the pick-Up Sticks sound. The merging between too much sweetness and too much carnage permeates the essence of songs.

Ed likes to call his song writing:

"Love songs disguised as political songs disguised as love songs."
or is it:
"Political songs disguised as love songs disguised as political songs"?

The pick-Up Sticks is a duo that plays with other musicians. At the core we will always be:

The pick-Up..... Ed Hudecek on guitar, vocals and drums

Sticks..... Sarah Clothier on drums, vocals and keyboard

Ed played in various LA bands over the past 10 years and has written well over 100 songs that go in and out of circulation. Sarah (Sticks) has played drums for Azalia Snail for several years and joined her on a tour in Europe last Spring. The two bands went on a Pacific Northwest Tour together in 2005 and shared a year-long residency at Cole's Bar in downtown L.A. The pick-Up Sticks have played in and around the L.A. area at clubs such as The Vault and The Tiki Bar in Pomona (on several occasions), The Cog, The Eagle Rock Bowl, The M Bar, among others. Sounds of influence include those of Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Unwound and My Bloody Valentine. We also look to art, classic movies and politics for inspiration.

There has been one demo to date that was co-produced by Dean Chamberlain, founding member of The Motels, in 2005. There are brand new songs waiting to be released.

There is usually a scathing knife of political discontent twisted in the belly of a pick-Up Sticks song, even if it's a pretty ballad. Or if it sounds pissed off, it may about something quite sweet and gentle. It's the slaughter house and the industrial bakery, put together. The smell, it doesn't leave you.


Open Fire

Written By: Ed Hudecek

honey I can keep you so warm-
friction of the sticks and stones.
don't you tell me it's all over- is it not all as you like it? I can repeat, as required.

It's easier to keep it silent. Don't you tell I'll just deny the evidence that's been collecting- broken wishes, bad reception. How'd we ever get so involved?

open fire, open arms, overpower over done- hold on- it's the hope that drives me on

before we can make a truce I need to give you some conditions. reveal to me all your secrets, hand over your ammunition NOW- will it keep you occupied?

up in flame and up in arms, overdue and overdone, long gone, I can use another round, open fire open heart. . .

I can repeat as required, I'll repeat myself as required. . .

open fire. . .under-developed, overdrawn, overhead, underbelly exposed, open says me, open season, open fire, open arms, overpowered, overdone, long gone. . .

I'm On Yr Side

Written By: Ed Hudecek

I never fought- I never bought what it is you had in store. At the core it occupies a space between the hope and fear. Collision of the pure, we stand so close it's all a blur- who's to say we need to isolate the reasons for it all? You may be justified so here's my next consession- one up in this competition,

there's a common ground, I am on your side- try and understand.

I never thought to get this far and you don't give me a way out, who's to say it must be one way or the other?

try and understand there's a common ground when forces divide, I'm on your side. . .

the difference between you and me is a matter of degree, the distance between you and me: 180, so turn around- it works when we look out together

try and understand. . .

Event Horizon

Written By: Ed Hudecek

you try to fight it when it gets close enough to feel. So what if you're crazy? maybe I'm as crazy as you are- crazy for you

bang my head in the wall you put out before me, brick by brick, every time I say I love you

oh baby you don't even know, how deep in- how far it can go

further accretion of the event horizon- I've gotten dizzy watching as you spiral in. . .you don't even. . .I don't either. . .

couldn't see what was broken when I fall into you, couldn't see . . .when I'm falling for you. . .don't even know what got pulled in, what got broken. . .


Open Fire has had some local radio and college radio play (KXLU, KUCI). Event Horizon was also played on college radio station KUCI.

Set List

Our typical set list is:
Everchanging, Long Division, Event Horizon, Conduction, Crash Test, Pins and Needles, Free Form,
Open Fire, It's Hard Work, I'm On Yr Side.
no covers. 45 mins