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EP - Bluebirds
LP - Drift Away
LP - Connect
Radio - 'Deer Crossing', 'Shadows', 'Blind Side', 'Surprise Me', 'It's Alright'



Not long ago, poised for a chance to change the stars and emerge from a series of systematic attacks on his network, Robert Abel set out on a journey to find meaning to the twisted and bent ways of today. Jumping off an iceberg on fire, he slowly drifted out to sea in search of others who would embrace the challenge.

Soon he hit the continent and happened upon Englishman and knowledge expert Chris Buckle, also known to his people as lead guitar player. An immediate bond was formed as the two ventured off to theorize about the theories. Along the way, they encountered ghosts and getaways, things upside down and things burning down.

Once in the Saharan jungle, emerging from a forest in the trees was one Jake Siegler, the chuckler and the bass player. A perfect companion to bounce any intangible object they could find off of.

Soon after they came across the land of Arcadia, where a man named Jared Vergilis was posing as a shepherd, herding his flock with mallets and a fine Cabernet. This inspired moment led to a nod, a handshake and cast a shadow at 33 degrees. Not ones to miss coincidence, they enjoyed a glass and moved on together, taking a series of pictures along the way in search of a means to connect through it all.

Finally, the group came upon a hunting party in the center of the ocean. Dressed in orange and shooting for hours at the sky was Gregory Abel, Robert's brother who had disappeared some time back and been forgotten. "No more" said the group, and Greg, with his devious grin, fired one more shot into the water to keep the dolphins at bay, then climbed aboard.

Now this was no ordinary sequence of events, no path of least resistance. Something changed when the five came together and now it could be said that this group was in fact a band. A band of questions, of pieces, and fragments of memories. This band fit together, like Bluebirds and Artichokes.