The Piecycles

The Piecycles

 Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Passionate and sometimes meandering bluesy/scatty rock... a musical ride that will take you from the daily plight of good vs evil to the struggles of pizza vs pasta...


Well, hello reader and future fan : )
We are The Piecycles!!!!
We love you already and feel that this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

About us:
Two guys. Two gals. And a whole lotta notes that got way better grades than any of us ever did in school...

Mike wrote a creepily bland flyer that Rach obviously had no issue in responding to. They started jamming and met Domo along at a garage birthday party. Christine came along and completed the set. The rest is history and here we are : )

Its a little bluesy, very rocky and you're never quite sure where you're gonna end up. Please take a listen. Enjoy and we hope to see you soon!