The Pilgrimms

The Pilgrimms


The Pilgrimms can make you get up and dance but before you know it, they'll make you sway. Playing everything from edgy blues to sweet soul with cohesiveness and a determination often unseen, they will keep you entertained, and recall the golden sounds of an era gone by.


The Pilgrimms are a rockin bunch of voyaging lads raised in the hills of Calgary and currently residing by the seaside in Victoria, British Columbia. Combining blues heard from deep in the delta all the way to Chicago with psychedelic rock and soul, their sound will call the wolf out of the woods, and send a shiver deep down through your spine. All members work together to write songs, and it is this that sets The Pilgrimms apart, there is a unity among members that is rarely seen. Simply put: they work together to write awesome rock n' roll songs. This band embraces the sounds of another era, whilst all the while trying to push their music into new and exciting territory. With a solid effort on their debut EP, they are now just completing a full length LP, and, most of all, they wish to play in your town!


Let Me By EP
1. Let Me By
2. Thank You Ms. Young
3. Mean Old World
4. Trippin
5. Gypsy Sunrise

Set List

1 hour or so of original material, mixed in with the occasional cover tune.