The Pillars of Society

The Pillars of Society


The Pillars of Society is a five piece band based out of Woodburn, Indiana—Their music is left-of-center with social and political themes, and a touch of sarcasm. They have a rock-n-roll sound that morphs into bluegrass-on-steroids, peppered with an Americana message.


The Pillars of Society are 5 guys who grew up in Indiana in the 60's and 70's.
Influenced by the social and political climate of the times, their
music reflects the current state of affairs.
"They're extremely talented, and write music that transcends age, and
to a certain degree, musical preference".
Slightly left of center, their songs are well crafted with down to
earth honesty, and have a sound steeped in tradition, from
blues-based rock to bluegrass on steroids, with eye-opening lyrics.
Their live show blends all of these elements, along with
tongue-in-cheek humor and a bit of sarcasm, into one big rockin' good
party for all.
The production of Grammy award winning Scott Mathews on their latest
record, "Short Stories", creates a sound that paints a universal
Americana canvas.
The POS firmly believes that there are plenty of people out there who
can relate to what they are working hard to say, and that the
marketplace will provide them an opportunity to be heard.
The Pillars prove there's more than corn in Indiana.


1. Corn (released under the band named “The Mooncrikets”)
2. Unreproachable Breach of Etiquette (released under the band named “The Mooncrikets”)
3. Another Failed Experiment (released under the band named “The Mooncrikets”)
4. Short Stories (soon to be released—under the band named “The Pillars of Society”)

Set List

We can tailor the set lists and number of sets in a show to the requirements of the gig.
Here are some sample sets—the first 3 are all originals, the 4th set are covers.
Each set is approximately 45 minutes.

Set 1-orginals
1. Rosey Child
2. Ashamed
3. Bowl Full of Cheerios
4. Katie
5. Whoops There Goes the Human Race
6. Say What You Want Me To Do
7. Get Used To It
8. Inside Traders
9. Bossa Nova
10. Tommy Gun
11. Junior Johnson
12. Information Highway

Set 2-originals
1. Attitude
2. Promise Land
3. Cornbread & Butter
4. Jessica
5. Markerstone
6. Great Divide
7. Suburbs
8. Gleason’s Pond
9. Amy Fair
10. Don’t Wake Me
11. This Town
12. Pass Me a Joint
13. Meantime

Set 3-orginals
1. Daffodils & Roses
2. I Saw Mary
3. Hector Rowe
4. Privledge
5. Higher
6. Old Charlie
7. How Can You Lose
8. Aristocrat
9. Fool
10. Now That He is Gone
11. Lack of Understanding
12. One Witness

Set 4-covers
1. Voodoo Child
2. Leopard Skin Pill Box Ha