The Pines

The Pines


The Pines stand at the crossroads of tradition and innovation with a unique sense of song. From the fertile soil of Americana artists/labelmates Greg Brown, Bo Ramsey, and Pieta Brown, The Pines released their debut CD and shared stages with Arcade Fire, Jolie Holland, Spider John, etc...


For nearly two years, David Huckfelt and Benson Ramsey of the folk and blues duo The Pines have been keeping very busy. Freshly transplanted to Minneapolis in 2003, The Pines released an impressive first record, and shared stages with such diverse acts as The Arcade Fire, Jolie Holland, Kelly Joe Phelps, Haley Bonar, Split Lip Rayfield and Spider John Koerner. As a duo, or with the addition of talented rhythm sections as a full band, The Pines have steadily gained attention for their edgy mix of original songwriting, inventive arrangement, and raw blues-groove. Radio stations in the Twin Cities have picked up on the sound, and The Pines received favorable reviews in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, City Pages, Pulse, and The Onion, and have begun to headline clubs in the area. With work beginning on a follow up EP, the Trailer Records label duo doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Perhaps best know as the main proponent of "The Iowa Sound", Iowa City's Trailer Records has another quality that distinguishes it from the many indie labels that clutter the musical landscape: the idea of family, both literal and figurative. Artists on the label can be found playing on and producing one another's CDs, and Pieta Brown's self-titled debut saw her join her father, folk legend Greg, as a second generation Trailer artist.

The Minneapolis based duo The Pines are continuing this tradition. Benson Ramsey, so of Trailer artist, producer, and guitar-slinger Bo, and songwriting partner David Huckfelt have embarked upon their own unique vision with a self-titled debut that both pays homage to the deep influences of folk and blues while hitting on something all their own. Mixing beautifully crafted love songs, brooding instrumentals, and spooky rockers, The Pines evoke the spirit of Dylan and Greg Brown, but also bring to mind genre-bending acts such as Calexico. The result is a startlingly mature first record, with a cohesion of strong, diverse songs and gorgeous musical arrangement.

With production by The Pines and label owner David Zollo, and guest appearances by Bo Ramsey, Red House Records' Dave Moore, and Trailer Records cracks session aces Brad Engeldinger and Rick Cicalo, this exciting release announces the arrival of a fresh major talent in the world of American roots music.


LP - The Pines (Self-titled)
Trailer Records, released 11/04

(Several tracks from The Pines self-titled debut have received radio play in Minneapolis, and regionally in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Montana and elsewhere.

Set List

The Pines have played everything from thirty minute opening sets to four hours of non-stop music. A typical set is approx. 45 minutes, containing material from the Trailer Record release, new original material, trad. folk and blues, and occasional covers of a wide array of songwriters/bands.

Typical Set List:

Moon of The Dark Red Calf - (original)
Back in Town - (original)
Make A Run - (original, The Pines self-titled)
Just A Ride - (original)
Dark Road - (trad. delta blues)
I Ain't Blue - (Spider John Koerner)
Midnight Sun - (original)
Pale White Horse - (original, The Pines self-titled
Late Last Night - (Little Walter)
Different Clothes - (original, The Pines self-titled
Worried Blues - (trad. folk)
Dirt Road Blues - (Bob Dylan)