The pinetree line

The pinetree line


The Pinetree Line is about songwriting, without the posturing that often comes with it, and focuses on melody and intelligent lyrics. Shades of Blue Rodeo, Tom Petty & Wilco are there, but as one review said, "their influences are tapped, but never drained."


Being in a band is all about highs and lows. The Pinetree Line is no different. If you've ever been in a band, or tried anything creative, you know what we mean. There's highs: like having an pretty much packed club of people buying up your CD on the night it's released, and lows: like finding out most, but not all, of your CDs were bought by your family and friends. Highs: finding out a local CD store is "all out of your CD," and lows: they were in the back of the store, ensuring a shelf stayed evenly balanced. An equally important, albeit, far less lucrative use.

Look, we're kind of embarassed by self-aggrandizing language about what we are or are not about, sound like, do etc. We're a four-piece band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who have melodic songs and intelligent lyrics, professionally recorded and performed live by musicians who care about their craft. We got together about three years ago and have since played well-received shows, put out a full-length album and had said album purchased by some people we didn't even know. That's always a major high.

So...that question..."what do you sound like? We've heard comparisons to Blue Rodeo, The Band, Bruce Springsteen and, most frequently, Wilco. At least those are the ones we liked.

We're solely focused on writing, recording and performing songs that we like listening too and ignoring the ridiculous posturing that often comes with being in a band.


The Pinetree Line

Set List

We can cover 90 minutes of original music