the pinkmeat

the pinkmeat


Sometimes sweet but mostly savage, the Brooklyn trio has been described as"Joan Jett joins Sonic Youth" or "The Pixies playing Hole." The raspy vocals and gritty guitar swagger through intricate basslines and unconventional drums.


Liezel and Taly played in the band Virgin Mega Whore in San Francisco. Liezel moved to ny in 2001, Taly stayed w/ the whores and enjoyed spots on college charts w/ their hit "I saw red", local tv, festivals and top California venues.
in 2003 Taly was sued by Virgin LTD. for using the band name "Virgin Mega Whore"
and moved to NY
the new name would be the pinkmeat!
Liezel and Taly met up w/ drummer Plum
in 2004


BRAND NEW!!!!EP-No Resolve recorded and mixed on 1 inch analog tape by Andrew Solin at The Kennel
and mastered at jigsaw sound nyc

Set List

typical setlist: 30-40 minutes, all originals

Dead Bird
Naive Hearts
How Dark
Big Man
Hurt Me
Into The Dust
Red Zone
So Long Now