The Pink Pearl Dragon

The Pink Pearl Dragon

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"The Pink Pearl Dragon expertly captures an empathy within the listener that parallels the experience of such gorgeous colors and the sort of emotional content that makes tears slightly sting the eyes as they well up, but feeling relaxed and unburdened all at once". Andrew James - TPR


For those who like the same old routine, there is mainstream radio. For everyone else, there is The Pink Pearl Dragon.

The Pink Pearl Dragon has been called, a mix between Enya and Radiohead (Michael G/Promoter), and has left many reviewers speechless. - Impaler Speaks.

"The Pink Pearl Dragon is ... a diversely talented artist from Toronto, Canada.

Recently said to be the next emerging Grimes, by Scene Magazine (Canada), The Pink Pearl Dragon is churning out original tunes that she now describes as shoe gaze, dark wave, and electro pseudo pop.

Her song "Save My Heart" will be featured in the Hollywood film "STYRIA" starring Stephen Rea and Eleanor Tomlinson.

She is at odds with the world and she brings this tormented and moody music to the masses with pleasant vocal harmonies.

"Her self-produced new EP, Lo Fi Dragon High Electro, mixes true grunge rock with icy electro-synth sounds topped with polished, feminine vocals. Her lo-fi melancholic tracks with, at times, hazy yet hypnotizing vocals, offer a chill and somber mood. With exception to the drum loops, The Pink Pearl Dragon plays all the instruments on the EP". - Diet Radio.

As for her live performances fans are charmed, "She puts on a very unique and mesmerizing show. Beautiful moody pseudo pop music and dreamy vocals. Her songs are short, sweet and captivating. A definite unique show to experience". - E.B.

The Pink Pearl Dragon has toured parts of the USA, frequently NYC quite often; summer of 2012 she performed in London, UK and Berlin, Germany, opening up for acts such as Digits (Canada).

She recently opened up for Carole Pope (of Rough Trade), her role model too (April 2013).

The Lo Fi Dragon High Electro is available via IndiePool, iTunes, and other online stores. It consists of 6 songs of which she plays all the instruments, except for the drum loops.

She is currently working on a new album that will be called Narcissidious. Check out her website for updates and gigs at


A happy Song

Written By: The Pink Pearl Dragon

Doo do do
I want to hear a happy song
Because everything has gone wrong
I want to waste away
Be careful of what you say today
Just one love
just one night
just one song

Not that I have had a change of heart
It's easier to end then to start
I didn't mean to say what I did
It's easier to be dead then to live

Just one love
Just one night
Just one song


(Slit your wrists breakdown)

Rest Your Head

Written By: The Pink Pearl Dragon

These times are hard
You want to change
But don't know how

Days feel strange
you wander the streets
I see at night
I see you in day
I see you fight
I see you stray

Don't give up the fight
I am here by your side
Don't give up the fight
I am here for you

If you want me too
If you want me to

Go to sleep
Think of me
Go to bed
Rest YOUR head
Rest Your HEAD






ooooh ooooooooooh

Don't give up the fight
I am here for by your side
don't give up
I am here for you



Narcissidious TBD - New album being recorded now


Self titled CD release of two previous demos 2010

The Dramics 2011
ADHD the band 2006