the pink snowflakes

the pink snowflakes


Acid tab-inspired sugary sweet psych-rock,noise and Indie Pop of epic proportions. The Snowflakes will take you on a warped journey through their own view of the happy acid world of the flaming lips, mercury rev and the Dark side of the Moon. High spirited, unabashedly lovely and insane.


IN THE YEARS SINCE the precipitous brainstorm that brought them into existence, the Pink Snowflakes have evolved into a union of creative effects wizards led by conductor/songwriter Andrew Rossi (AKA Claude Dragonfly). the Pink Snowflakes now stand ready to unleash their sugary horror show on those who would receive their communion of "strange."In the widely defined neighborhood of psychedelic music, the Pink Snowflakes live on the pop side of the tracks, across the street from Brian Wilson and next door to the Flaming Lips. In fact, Claude Dragonfly's reedy vocals along with multiple effects-sodden slide guitars make their resemblance to the Transmissions-era Flaming Lips scary at times, until you realize what a good pop-psyche song they're capable of churning out, and that there can never be too many well-crafted nuggets in that vein.They also depart from familiar ground and give dirge its due, visiting the homes of John Cale and Moe Tucker. Expansive chaos theory interludes produce faint scents of My Bloody Valentine, Butthole Surfers, and even hint at the misplaced aggression of the Cows. Ultimately, the Snowflakes play quasi-radio-friendly '90s-style non-traditional pop-psyche.
Heres what the local Metro Santa Cruz paper has to say about the Pink Snowflakes:
"Indie kids have been psych rocking like its 1969 for the better part of a decade now, so the breathless hype surrounding head-trippy Portland youngsters the Pink Snowflakes is a bit facile. But unlike many of their indulgent brethren, the Pink Snowflakes conjure the visceral rock punch and the melodicism of the original psychedelic movement in a way that bellies their age. As with neopsychedelia, the prevailing attitude is far more inspired by bad acid trips than the summer of love, but the band's work stands alone for its originality and spirit, instead of seeming like some precocious hipster pastiche. They're definitely a band to watch this year."

Lick-Able Sunshine Music Press Release 2/27/08:
the Pink Snowflakes first full length release hits local stores in MARCH 2008!
With the help of Portland Distributors Burnside Distribution,
local psych-pop rockin heavies the Pink Snowflakes have finally released an album onto the unsuspecting masses worthy of repeated listening and positively promising reviews. The album “Sun Chasing the last exploding echoes” (it's full name but is marketed as simply “Sun Chasing”) is purely a marriage of insane ideas and great sound without the big budgeted major label production.The album sounds like it has gone through some interesting production methods and the songs feel purely accessible,psych and experimental.
Songs like “Like Ice Cream” and “Our Electric Hair” are adorable psychedelic pop gems that feel old and new at the same time!

“Sun Chasing”will be available at local Portland stores Everyday and Music Millennium listening stations as well as the greater NW and California music stores(Rasputin,Amoeba) later this summer.
Look for it! The CD has rad art!
It is also available through IODA Digital at hundreds of online markets including Amazon and Apples Itunes!Download the album!
It's sugary acid laced pop and tape loopy arrangements will stay in your brain for a long long time.

The Pink Snowflakes have toured the west coast and played at Spaceland in LA with the Quarter After(members of the BJM), opened for the Dilettantes in Oakland and supported national touring acts the Black Angels at the Doug Fir and the Blakes in Seattle just to name a few.
They have played local music festivals PDX POP NOW in Portland Oregon and GEORGETOWN MUSIC FEST in Seattle and looking to
expand their roster for festivals of all types. The Pink Snowflakes will be on tour in July through the Southwest and West coast with stops in LA and San Francisco.
The Pink Snowflakes expansive mind-blowing loud and in your face college radio psych sound belongs on outdoor stages and into the open air pumping through massive sound systems to fully appreciate the effect of mind blowing music.


Like Ice Cream

Written By: the pink snowflakes

Like a sound, like light fading into deep space, like ice cream...

Sun showers and sparks and eyelids flicker while driving headlights fast asleep....
fading fast into yesterdays ice cream..
for days...for weeks..
A star burns a hole in the universe like yesterdays ice cream headache rattles yer a hole.

Light fades fast into the deep, gone into space are the days memories...


First Demo:Psychedelicately driven Demo 2001
First EP :Inflatable Cocoon EP 2005 (self-release)
First LP :the Pink Snowflakes:Sun Chasing (Lick-able
Sunshine.) (Coming out in March 08)

Set List

It's Snowing on TV again
Aunt Hazel
When I'm lookin at you
Sun Chasing
Summer Feels/When It's Bright
Closest thing to paralyze
Gas Station in the sky
Circus formed the last window.....
the Queen of Heaven's comin down
Sets are usually 35-60 minutes and can go longer
if need be. We throw in intros,outros,instrumental
breaks,etc. psychedelic.