The Pints

The Pints


The Pints play groovy electric jazz laced episodes that do something to you. Their music is friendly, playful and a little threatening.


All four of the band members went to school in the Perth area of the Ottawa Valley. In high school they started listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Metallica. Their long hair didn't stand out in the small, artistic community and their passion for guitar driven music was shared and encouraged. The band's name comes from busking outsied strip mall making change for pints, the cheapest way to buy beer. The boys played live many times, but the venue was more likely to be a barn than a bar. A sense of adventure separated the group for a few years as educations were obtained, businesses started, and romances persued. Fortune has landed them all in Toronto again, where they picked up right where they left off; drinking pints and ripping on guitars.


The Pints Demo CD (self produced)