The Pirate Signal

The Pirate Signal

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The Pirate Signal makes the most beautiful hip-hop in the world. At once accessible yet progressive MC/Producer Yonnas and DJ A-What make energetic and danceable beats that sound like the greatest band in the world ten times over combined with poignant poetic lyrics and incredible turntablism.


The Pirate Signal is a hip-hop group from Denver, Colorado that combines the grime and funk of classic east coast hip-hop like Wu-Tang Clan with the bounce and charisma of Southern MCs like Lil' Wayne and Bun B with the beauty and dynamics of progressive rock like Radiohead and The Mars Volta to create modern hip-hop that not only surpasses it's time period but it's genre as welll. The music is incredibly unique yet equally as accesible. Rising from a place that is not exactly known for hip-hop, The Pirate Signal came together in it's current incantation in 2006 and has been on an upward swing since. Having toward with Kool Keith, Tash from the Liks, R.A the Ruggid Man and having shared the stage with everyone from Leon Russel to The Clipse, TPS creates classic powerful music that impresses nearly everyone who hears it


The Name of This Band is The Pirate Signal EP (2006)

We get airplay on college radio stations throughout the world.

Set List

A thirty minute to an hour set depending on the venue and our slot. All our sets are 100% original songs that we wrote