The Pirate Signal

The Pirate Signal

 Denver, Colorado, USA
BandHip HopEDM

You know how people are always complaining they want something new? Well, quit your bitchin' cause here it is. Beats on bang, rhymes on kill and so many new and amazing ideas, you can't believe that's it's so.....butter. Classic yet, iconoclastic. The greatest band in the world makes hip-hop. Dream.


Post-Everything, The Pirate Signal manages a synergy that destroys limitations of any kind. Synthesizing music, cinema, and any form art into an entire colorful and beautiful galaxy, all while banging out ferociously, TPS is a prototype for great bands of the future.
Consisting of Yonnas Abraham (affectionately referred to as "Yo") on vocals and production, Chez Sheree Strong (aka I AM UNICORN) on guitar, keys, vocals, auxillary percussion and production as well Hogans Daniel on Drums. Songwriting by an MC, a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter and a drum impresario? The very idea crackles with boundless potential, each fully capable of realizing concepts individually, yet together they work like a complicated set of levers and pulleys in one magnificent machine. Solidifying themselves as a trio earlier this year, they often have hyper-skilled MC King F.O.E providing back up vocals and verses in their live incarnation.
Let's not mince words. The beats and musicianship are amazing. The rapping is dynamic, technically flawless, clever, entertaining and profound simultaneously, gracefully tap dancing all over the narrow margin between crass and beautiful. The melodies and harmonies are so insidiously sophisticated in they're Glass-ian manipulation of repetitive singular motives and modern R&B harmonies. It's heavy, fonky, and women enjoy dancing to it. The live show might explode your heart with joy, plus, the streets feel it. It's amazing, I've never seen anything like it, and now there is nothing I want more.


2004 The Norma(L) LP
2005 The Beast/ Slow Down.
2006 The Name of This Band is The Pirate Signal EP
2008 Of God's And Gangster's Vol. 1 Mixtape
2010 No Weak Heart Shall Prosper LP
2011 The Sextape (Yo's Solo Project)
2012 You're Always Leaving Me