The Piratones

The Piratones

 Norwich, England, GBR

We are a new young up and coming 5 piece band incorporating Reggae, Soul, Ska and Hip Hop to create an original sound. We practice and play live regularly. We are constantly working on new material.


We are influenced by a variety of genres; Reggae, Pop, Soul, Ska and Hip Hop. We are also mildly influenced by electronic genres such as Drum and Bass and Dub Step. We have incorporated all these genres that we are influenced by to create an original sound. We strive for originality as a band. Our main aim is to create music that a variety of people can both relate to and dance to. We met at Access to Music college in 2010, the two singers were originally an acoustic duo, we used their original material and incorporated it into new songs as a band. We bounced off each others' influences and skills to compose original instrumentation. We have been playing live regularly and have been interviewed by BBC introducing.


We haven't officially released any of our music yet. However, we have live studio recordings courtesy of Break Through radio that are on Sound Cloud and Sonic Bids. We also give these out for free as demos at gigs. We are not satisfied with our current recordings as they are from a live radio set recorded in one take. We are currently recording new material and higher quality versions of current recordings in the next 2 months. We are paying for this with money generated from gigs. We have also had radio airplay by BBC Introducing, Break Through Radio and Future Radio.

Set List

Impress This Mistress
Stick Man
All That We've Got
Cruel Games
Smooth Groove
Bad Man
Selling Vows
Forest of Sin
Let It Out
Slave to Society
Feet On The Ground
Burn Your Money