The Pitch

The Pitch


Melodic rock with elements of progressive, punk, folk, alternative, hardcore. Eclectic musical mix from D.I.Y. musicians. Fugazi meets Foo Fighters.


Based out of Champaign, Illinois since August 2002, The Pitch is an aggressive rock band that prides itself on combining melodic hooks with heavy riffs while keeping things fresh and interesting. Their sound is best described as a combination of the raw energy and inventiveness of Fugazi mixed with the sense of melody and composition found in the music of Pearl Jam. The alternative influences of Foo Fighters mixed with even the time/tempo changes of Rush also give The Pitch a unique mix. A touch of hardcore and a little progressive rock completes the band's style. The group is led by the guitars of vocalist Ryan Lee and Eric Lawrence, while bassist Matt Castelein and drummer Cory Anderson hold down the rhythm section. Rounding out the band is violinist Sarah Kobylewski, adding gentler dimensions to their brand of hard rock.

The Pitch made their local debut in front of a crowd of 500 plus at Kairos in Champaign. That first raucous show, in which lead singer/guitarist Ryan Lee broke his guitar in half while diving off the stage, set the tone for the band’s energetic live shows and planted a memory in people's heads. Since then, the band has rapidly gained popularity leading to headlining gigs in Champaign/Urbana's premiere rock venues as well as branching out to larger venues like Chicago's Metro.

Last year, the band caused quite a disturbance in the local music scene by tearing through 107.1 The Planet’s Opening Band contest, narrowly losing to the eventual champions in the finals of the college bracket by only a handful of votes. As local DJ Chris Calef stated on air during the first round of the contest,“This is the one that impressed everybody. Nobody had heard of this band going into the judging and were pretty much blown away.” During that first round of action, The Pitch garnered over 750 votes from The Planet’s listeners alone! Since then and as a result, the word is out and a chain-reaction buzz about the band has spread through the local scene.


Awake To Heal

Written By: Ryan Lee

This pen's out of ink from writing off,
The loneliest of words can't explain this loss, The vehicle of choice, A familiar scene and voice, to think it's freedom?#@%$

We are waiting, We are wasting, We are waking, to new life, to new life.

This sour aura like a morning (mourning) tongue, Kerosene fills my lungs, I'm calling your bluff in stride, And taste smoke from the fire inside, it'll give me freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

We are waiting, we are wasting, we are waking, to new; We are waiting, we are wasting, we are waking... To new life.

A Match In My Hand

Written By: Ryan Lee

Twenty-four, and you're a match in my hand
and I am kerosene with an olive branch and a crayon
I'm an atom with a mass unsurpassed
and you're a splitter who has found me at last
As you're the spaceship at the edge of your ellipse
I'm the gravity pulling you back onto my lips

Spring summer trout and the break of ease
Fall winter drought after autumn freeze
The climbing broke back all my fingernails!

My heart's been written on like an acetate
That tells the story of a boy who can't translate
How there was nothing to stop the pendulum
After two years out of equilibrium
I'm the revolver, cocked, and ready to pull
And you're the round exploding inside my frail skull

Spring summer trout and the break of ease
Fall winter drought after autumn freeze
The climbing broke back all my fingernails!


Written By: Ryan Lee

I don't recognize the bathroom tile and the mirror's blurred. And I don't think my family knows what it's like to want to lose more than to hurt. And I'll bet you my shotgun is furtive as my frowns. And I'll bet you no one will know when I leave town.
Now it feels all wrong this waking to a well-rested tire. Even the cigarettes are tired of being left on fire.

If I could've bought more time with the settlement... And if I didn't lose my mind when the muzzle went... If you wouldn't seem to mind, don't want to waive goodbyes. How many times does a human being burn alive?

Now the dust on your pillow is thick, one side of my bed is worn thin. The sound of your voice is stuck in these walls, you won't ever get laughed at again. I just want to hold you again. She'll never cheat high again. I just want to breathe your breath again.


The Anger Swallow, debut 8-song enhanced CD, self-released.

Set List

Build, Chasing the Sun, Awake To Heal, This is What I Came For, Minny, A Match in My Hand, Driving Home, Springtime, Pneuma. Our sets are usually 30 minutes if we're opening, 50 minutes if we're headlining. Occaisionally we'll do a cover of Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run.