The Pixel Panda

The Pixel Panda


Who dare shake the mind and soul of the people with syncopated rhythms, discordant melody and eerie, somewhat tragicomic organ intensity. The Pixel Panda.


Formed in 2002, The Pixel Panda has gone to release two albums, a 7", and gain an enthusiastic following on numerous tours while asking for little help from anyone. Everything is self done ranging from recording, mixing, to promoting, art design, booking, etc.

Stylistically always changing, The Pixel Panda keeps things evolving with the desire of ever more expressive means. Weather this means more complicated rhythms, harmony and sharper dissonance, or the simplification of a melody to two notes and no beat.


7 " split w/Hook and Ladder - 2002
CD - Nation of Symmetry - 2004
CD - Burial Suite - 2006