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"Album Review"

A young trio from L.A.’s Watts ‘hood knocked us out with their abilities. Whether it’s a haunting head-nodder (“En’ Mah Bones”) or a smooth R&B production complete with a female co-vocalist (“Kamera Shy”) this platoon is obviously gunning for a higher level. “Distant Relationship” demonstrates the group’s considerable rap skills, with sinuous lines that bob and weave with grace and spot-on timing. Barely into their 20’s, Pla2n deserve a shot at a wider audience. - Music Connection

"Great Album"

It is clear that this group has charisma about them. They mesh well while maintaing their individuality, a great characteristic for the group. Your lyrics are uniquely delivered. Well done! Overall, I think that the group has potential and should keep going on this path. Best Wishes!


Nicely done demo, EXCELLENT production and arrangement. Tracks 3, 6, 7, & 8 are GREAT!!


Gotta Get It (2006)
Burn This Mix Tape Vol. 1 (2006)
The Pla2n (2005)



Connected by their passion for hip hop/rap music and their unquestionable talent, these three Los Angeles/Watts California natives happen to come together three years ago at Alain Leroy Locke High School in Los Angeles, California around May of 2003. All three had started writing at an early age even before they knew one another even though the trio all seemed like they were writing for the same purpose which was to escape the turmoil and trials which they faced everyday while growing up in the heart of Watts. Like most teenagers from the hood they too went through the family difficulties which at this point has made them more determined and focus to overcome all the complications that beleaguered their strive for success. With such rap artist such as 2Pac, Jay-Z, & Eminem that influences their rap style.

The Pla2n’s music can be best described as versatile. Our creativity for hip hop/ rap music knows no limits or boundaries. With the latest album “Gotta Get It”, they bring to the table something for everyone. From the playful and flirtatious “Fantasy Gamez” and “Me and You” and the mature level of "Distant Relationship to the deeply honest “Without Erasing”, where all three are speaking on their lives as they were younger and had no way out but to listen to 2Pac and fantasize that one day that would be them on the radio spitting the same encouraging words to some other young persons.

Malachi “Smoke” Johnson, 18, is the ear of the group. THE PLA2N has no leader, however, Smoke is continually taking initiative on what needs to be done such as speeding the beat up or slowing it down. When it comes to the engineering of the tracks Smoke understands the ins an outs and can grasp instantly on anything about the music software that is not familiar. Smoke’s wild lyrics and concepts really make you think outside the box. The sound of THE PLA2N is unique because of Smoke’s hard work habits, which really pay off.

Augustin “Guty” Avila, 19, is a striking young lyricist that has the ability to grab hold of listeners and practically forces them to listen using only his voice. Not only does he grab the ears of his listeners, but his brothers as well. His strong will and tremendous determination always gets the rest of THE PLA2N pumped and ready to do whatever it takes.

Otis “Mega Man” Harris, 20, is a very talented young man who proves to show it through his creativity. The lord blessed him with a voice which he has been using every since he was a young boy in the best way he knows how. Mega Man’s lyrics are very smooth spoken but gets right to the point, he has this way about him that keeps all the ladies in good spirits. Being the rapper and singer of the group, he completes the puzzle of THE PLA2N.

That is exactly what these three young lyricists are: A group of soldiers united as one; coming together as one family, to create one unique sound to make history. No other group known matches their chemistry. THE PLA2N will change the game by bringing back the old roots, adding a new generation and creating a new style.

Contact Information:
Renee, Manager
(310) 940-2828

Select Venues / Appearances:
BB Kings Club, The Joint, Venice Beach, WLCAC

The Roc

Long Beach Convention Center