The Plain Dealers

The Plain Dealers


Roots-rock? Canadiana? Americana? Alt-Country? Yes! No gimmicks, just straight-ahead melodies delivered with heart and soul. Songs that speak to real folk, as proven by by numerous Top 10 community/campus chart positions this year, including #1 at home and Top 10 nationally (


Ask “ The Plain Dealers” about their musical backgrounds and you might consider them an unlikely bunch of guys to form a roots-rock band. With influences and playing experience that range from outlaw country to progressive hard rock, the 5 band members have a musical diversity that some might think impossible to blend. However, this Edmonton-based band uses these differences to their collective advantage, creating a unique brand of honest, rootsy music that occasionally twangs, often rocks and always leaves a sweet melody lingering in the listener's head. The music has touched people from Windsor to Vancouver, as illustrated by the community/campus support - the CD has charted well in various markets across the nation (as high as #1), and made an appearance on the Top 10 Folks/Roots/Blues chart in mid-2007 (, search "Plain Dealers").


Red House Blue

Written By: Darren Weir

was a bad dream
days in black and white
paintin' the town up
yellow and brown
with a pair of worn-out eyes
cos' you can't see
when you drive away too fast
never slow down
see there's dirt on the ground
never find the things that last

Chorus: listen to you
oughtta know by now
listen to you
just a sad sound
listen to you
here's what it takes
to make your red house blue

all the sweet times
i guess we never knew
ditch flowers grow on the side of the road
remindin' me of you
and when the sun sets
and we put our ghosts to bed
let's drive back home
and kick around stones
til there's nothin' left unsaid

what'll you see when you close your eyes tonite...

Drivin' Lonely

Written By: Darren Weir

Now that summer's gone
Shadows stretch out dark and long
And I'm still drivin' lonely
Leavin' dust behind
This steering wheel and mileage signs
And I'm still drivin' lonely
There's a lotta roads never want you back
Lotta roads that'll never lead you home
So long as there's still sound comin' from the back
I'll be away

Chorus: Long days go by
Long trains roll by
Old ways won't die
And I'm still drivin' lonely

Not really lost not sure I'm found
Don't know why I don't turn around
Cos' I'm still drivin' lonely
Still see your face still feel your smile
Through a hundred thousand miles
And I'm still drivin' lonely

Bridge: Just stop here long enough to smudge the brass rail on the bar
Light your cigarette, smile and tune your guitar
Then I"ll be away

Chorus: Long days go by
Long trains roll by
Old ways won't die
And I'm still drivin' lonely
And I'm still drivin' lonely
And I'm still drivin' lonely


"The Plain Dealers"- self titled 5 song EP
Release date: April 27th/2007
Independently recorded and produced

Set List

Can cover 3 sets comprised of 2/3rds originals-2.5-3 hours of playing time.

Drivin' Lonely
All Your Pieces
Away From the Trains
Our Last Frown
Before the Fire
Never Been
Wonder When You'll Go
Somethin' I Don't Know
Red House Blue
Dirt Back Roads
Hard Time
No Story
Flat Broke Blues
The Truth Dear
Little Bells
Too Late for the Early Stage
Road Kill
Wait for the Sun

(typical covers)
Outta Site Outta Mind-Wilco
Forget the Flowers-Wilco
Let It Bleed-Stones
Dead Flowers-Stones
If You Gotta' Go-Flying Burrito Bros./Dylan
Sin City-Flying Burrito Bros.
Another Town-Steve Earle
You Know the Rest-Steve Earle
Everybody Knows-Neil Young
Firecracker-Ryan Adams
Chin Up, Cheer Up-Ryan Adams