The Plan

The Plan


The Plan is a rock,blues,funk jamstyle band made up of five driven musicians all wanting to see the people groovin to the beat!


The Plan is influenced by many different types of music from Widespread Panic, to Eric McFadden to Jim Henson and everything in the middle.


Patience and Perserverance (2000)
Five more for the ditch (2002)
The Plan"Live at the Royal Grove" (2003)
Live" Here and there (2003)
Load off my mind (2005)

Set List

Original songs: cover songs:

Esmerelda Ride me high l
What's it gonna be no sugar tonight
Better times one arm steve
Another mans free love tracktor
grinder stone me
we can paint it black
kitchen goin out west
song #7 walk on
blue eyes goin to hell
spirit all time low
Looks like you died tush
people all around me up in smoke
suddenly burn one down
Way of high moby dick
Chocholate trip bobby mcgee
14 times whiskey river
mind off my shoulders