The Planets

The Planets


The Planets make you dance and think! If you like indie new-wave music with a touch of eccentricity and eclecticism, look no further. Fronted by two guys and a girl, our mission is to make you move your feet.


The Jetsons are a three person, dance-able, indie rock band with a unique sound for it’s time. Basically they want people to have fun and be moved, both intellectually and on the dance floor.

We could tell you that Jake Jetson traveled back in time to make music with his parents, Jules and Justice Jetson, to stop a future where music is outlawed…but maybe we’d better tell you the real the story…

The Jetsons started out as two separate bands, both starting during the summer between high school and college. The first was an electro act, influenced by The Faint, which consisted of Gavi de Tarr (Justice Jetson) and Yuri Tolpin (Jake Jetson). The two of them have been friends since first grade.

The second was an acoustic recording project between Yuri and Emily Peet (Jules Jetson). The two of them went to rival high schools but were brought together through mutual friends. Later, Brandon Flowers’ cousin-in-law asked them to record at his house.

During their first year at college, the two bands became one. They chose the name 'The Jetsons' to invoke a feeling of retro-futurism, or in the words of NME magazine, “retro rock from the future”. The three Jetsons have spent most of their time struggling to stay together (the three of them attending college in three different states) by writing and recording music in between semesters and during their breaks from school. It wasn’t until the end of summer 2006, when The Jetsons put together a six member band to play a small northwestern tour, that Gavi and Emily even got to know one another. They have recently put together a six song E.P. which sold out during their tour. They are looking forward to devoting the summer of 2007 to further touring.


"The Planets EP"

Set List

A typical 45 minute set would be something like:
Oh No! Evacuate
None of That
Don't Waste It
Democrats Aren't
Crystal Mountain
The Con
How Was I To Know?
The First Signs

We generally do 45 and 30 minute sets, so we can do as many as three 30 minute sets or two 45 minute sets. We can play a lot longer if we do covers, which range all over the place from older bands like the Beatles to newer ones such as the Cribs or Gnarls Barkley.