The Planks

The Planks


Since the auspicious beginnings of the band, Kelly Russell and the Planks have always been something special. Combining the fiddle mastery and cultural immersion, these men have created the bone crunching, patriotic sound that has thrilled audiences from Newfoundland to B.C


Born of the notion that traditional Newfoundland fiddle tunes should be played as loud, fast, and drunkenly as possible... The Planks is a collaboration between four of Newfoundland's most celebrated musicians.

Fiddle legend Kelly Russell (Wonderful Grand Band, Figgy Duff, The Plankerdown Band), singer / songwriter / guitarist Sean Panting (Drive,
Sean Panting Band), bassist Chris Batstone (Drive, The Punters, Bash Bros) and drummer Adam Staple (Drive, Sean Panting Band, The Punters) are THE PLANKS.

Formed in 1995, The Planks made their debut at Toronto's The Pheonix, and have been making grand noise ever since, playing to audiences at
festivals and clubs across Canada.

2007 saw The Planks performing in Hull, Quebec for Canada Day... appearing as the house band for the
NLAC Arts Council Awards... and playing for St. John's audiences at The Majestic Theatre, Club One, and The Ship Pub.

Over the years, as each band member has developed their own musical identity - both alone and frequently as bandmates in other projects -
The Planks remains a constant... a reference point... a unique collision of personalities with the capability to summon up moments of magic from
a shared history and effortless, instinctual communication.

The Planks have one CD, "Smashed Hits", released in 1998.


Smashed Hits 1998

Set List

Newfoundland fiddle tunes :

Suzanna Perry
Diane’s Happiness
Slipped Jigs
Running the Goat
Up the Southern Shore
The Kissing Dance
Pamela’s Waltz in the House
Uncle Harry's Out of Shape
Conception Bay Tunes
Manuel’s Transmission
Paddy’s Rambles
The Jig is Up
Uncle Peter Feels the Pain

Vocal numbers :

Arthur McBride - traditional
100 Feet to Go - original
Wall of Death - Richard Thompson
Brilliant Mistake - Elvis Costello
Beautiful One - original