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The best kept secret in music


"Stuff This In Your CD Player "

Stuff This In Your CD Player

Laura McLean review’s Trent Boswell’s Latest Release,
“Flagship”, And Gives It An A+

............The disc opens with “Pleasant Stroll” and it sounds just like one.......Boswell’s smooth vocals encompass the styles of many, but hold true to the young man finding his own voice among them. Visions of the vocal cream of the 70’s dinosaur crop float in and out of modern takes on these personal issues, but comparisons stop with the killer choice of players gathered for this recording. Ed Kopp’s bass playing is meticulous, fluid and dead-on. Drummer Brett Waress makes my mouth water. I love the brightness and tight control he and Ed achieve while maintaining the life of the tunes.....

........My favorite tune has got to be “Perception”, in which Trent conjures up hints of (Jethro) Tull and (Les) Claypool with his great vocals. Waress meets the march/stomp/change up workout challenge without faltering. This tune will most definitely get worn out on the Fat Back Hour (Laura McLean hosts The Magnolia Fat Back Folk Hour on Wilmington 91.3 FM WHQR)!!!............... - The Beat Magazine

"Purple Mind Licorice Music at T-Bonz "

Purple Mind Licorice Music at T-Bonz

by John Mielcarski

.........Not your I, IV, V, power chord party, The Plastic Infinity treated the audience to a sophisticated blend of old school hits, obscure personal favorites and inspired original music.......

.........Trent’s anniversary model Stratocaster squealed with blissful on-the edge tone and shimmering sustain as the power trio launched into “Roll”. Like a controlled crash-landing, Boswell’ lead passages and a solid back beat took the crowd on a journey through the sublime.
“Freedom” hurled us back in time with that familiar blues, rock stomp we all harbor deep in our souls. Think Jimi Hendrix and Jack Bruce at John Bohnham’s house for an all night binge........

........“Contemplation”......Like greek gods in fulmination, the triple threat unleashed their dogs of war.......... “Same Mistake” features a tight, bluesy vocal run with mature staccato breaks.................

.........Unlike their performance Saturday night, “Flagship” is a crafted, cerebral experience..........

.........“Pleasant Stroll”, “Free Wind (Hill Side)” and “Fear & Lies” all speak from a primal level where instinct and emotion juxtapose..........

.........“Perception”, at just over three minutes, eight seconds, sets the early sixties influential timetable. An off-beat ditty that would make the mad-cap Syd Barrett proud, Trent seemingly draws inspiration from Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (Pink Floyd)..........

..........“Flagship” is an honest compilation of songs that stand on their own merit. Well worth the $10, take the time to invest in some of south-eastern North Carolina’s best grass-roots sonic movement............

- The Civic Record

"Hoist Up For A Retro Venture:"

Hoist Up For A Retro Venture:
Flagship sails the ear canal with ease

by: Shea Carver

With over 40 pieces of original music on file, it seems editing a collection down to only nine would be a hard task. But local singer/songwriter/guitarist Trent Boswell makes it relatively easy, as his latest musical endeavor “Flagship” replicates the transformation of sound from the carefree ‘60’s to the edgier ‘70’s rock......Boswell proves he has a manifold of talent with this release.......

........“Free Wind (Hill Side)” is another example of how the cd is lavished in gaiety. It’s one of those fascinating drive-along songs that makes any distant trip not long enough.......

.........Stepping away from the upbeat folk rock, Boswell did a fine job on a blues song on the album. In fact, it’s one of the better parts of the whole. Here, he shows off his electric capability as a guitarist and his echoed vocals eerily manifest visions of Led Zeppelin front-man Robert Palmer. Each time “Baby, Lover Honey, Darlin’” is sung with sultry flair and innate passion, it makes the carousal pet names much more appealing
As the cd rolls on, it transpires into what seems like theatrical, opera- Rock. From the intense, army-marching drum beats on “Perception” to the Rocky Horror Picture Show sound of “Looking For A Way”, the music begins to emulate the psychedelia sound that has become so revered from the past too, including intense bass lines that invoke a funky repertoire and magnificent flavor. It’s nostalgic and impressive in many ways...........

..........Trent Boswell is multi-talented. Better yet, he knows exactly what kind of music he’s trying to make and doesn’t go into the cd haphazardly experimenting, which stands for something.
He simulates his vision successfully over-all. Perhaps the greatest element is that his music sounds much better than the ad-nauseam, worthless, pop resonating the airwaves today. If you need a comparable band, think Pink Floyd meets Jethro Tull, with newer legend Dave Matthews blending in as well............... - Encore Magazine


Trent Boswell (solo album) - Flagship (2003)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based in Wilmington, NC, The Plastic Infinity is an exploration of the possibilities of sound. From the most basic blues, jazz, and rock influences to the most far reaching, freeform psychedelic wanderings, they bounce off of the influences of groups like Pink Floyd and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, and weave them into their own strange blend of sound-scapes.

There is a definite fusion of the movements and chord structures that make jazz so cool and complicated, with the pop sensibilities that draw you to bands like The Beatles and also, the weirdness that keeps you going back to your Doors and Pink Floyd records. This is music for the connoisseur, for people who read liner notes and listen to music with headphones for the full effect. It drives your feet and makes you feel the power of the beat, reminding you of heavy hitters like Robin Trower and then turns and gets introspective and sophisticated, like Jethro Tull or Jane's Addiction. Some of it is very heavy, but not at the expense of insulting your intelligence with co-dependant, teenage lyrics and "chunk-a, chunk-a" metal riffs.

The Plastic Infinity is a power trio, consisting of Drummer Adam Charles, Bassist Josh Kidd and Guitarist/Vocalist Trent Boswell. The band refers to its style as Art Rock, or better yet, a completely original moniker, 'Purple Mind Licorice Music'. Think of it as head candy.

The group swings tempos and vacillates from folk, to blues-rock, to jazz, to heavy grooves, and back again. They are musically daring and committed to interesting motifs. This is a band that is not caught in the 3 chord pop tune web of oblivion that is prevalent on the average radio station (also known as the seventh plane of hell).

A portion of their repertoire is acoustic in nature and will further demonstrate their versatility. The lyrics are not plucked from the common lyric tree, nor are they wrapped in cellophane. Written by a poet and carefully formed, they demonstrate the integrity of the music, telling the tales of those who lead the examined life.
The subject matter of the songs varies greatly, moving from the pure joy of ecstasy to the dark angst of depression; in other words, everything that makes up our lives. You don't have all good days and you don't have all bad days, why should your music be either all sweet or all sour? Variety keeps us fresh and alive. We believe that there is a host of music lovers out there who want more from their listening experience than what is currently providided on the radio. We hope to be of service to these keen individuals.
Often cerebral but always relatable, they crown the journey into the inner ear that is the phenomenon known as The Plastic Infinity.... You'll just have to hear for yourself.