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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Degrassi Placement"

Featured as graduation song for this season of "Degrassi". - Much Music/Teen Nick

"Atlantic Film Festival/10x10 Finalist"

Congratulations to this year's finalists that have been selected to participate in the 2011 Music & Image 10x10 Music Video Mentorship Program. The teams will come together this Monday and will have 5 days to develop the creative concept, shoot and edit 10 music videos. These videos will then be screened to family, friends and fans at the premiere screening at the 31st Atlantic Film Festival. Videos will also be uploaded to the Atlantic Film Festival website for online viewing. Stay tuned for more details!


J-Bru for the track "Jealousy"
Laura Peek for the track "Stay Sharp"
Chad Hatcher for the track "Live by the Sea"
Heather Green for the track "Games People Play"
Andrew Hunter & The Gatherers for the track "Run for Cover"
Carmen Townsend for the track "Start All Over"
Gloryhound for the track "Electric Dusk"
Mo Kenney for the track "Eden"
Andy Brown for the track "Ashes"
The Playdates for the track "Just Like the Movies" - Atlantic Film Festival

""Power Pop Outfit Ready For Its Playdate""

Heavily rotated radio songs speckled with hisses and crackles is where Atom, the singer, bassist and writer for the Playdates, finds his own songwriting inspiration.


Power-pop group The Playdates are all dressed up and ready to, well, play, at their upcoming concert dates in New Brunswick.
"I love radio," he said. "A lot of people hate on the radio, but I listen to the radio all the time, because I think that's where you find good songwriters."

The Playdates are a Saint John-based power-pop rock outfit with punk influences. When we spoke, Atom (who, like the rest of the band members, goes only by his first name) was in the middle of working on a song, readying for the fall when the Playdates are slated to record their first full-length album.

The band started with Atom and drummer Chris, who played in the pop-punk band 16th Avenue for eight years. When their guitarist committed suicide last November, they disbanded.

"We were going to quit playing music altogether, but after a while it seemed like the only thing we wanted to do," said Atom.

They put out a call for musicians, and the Playdates were born. They released their first recording in March, in response to the success of their singles. Two of which, according to Atom, charted across Canada. Their debut video, Just Like The Movies was shot by local photographer turned videographer Sean McGrath.

When it comes to their songwriting style, Atom said that the band tries to inject subtle doses of originality into their songs, without compromising classic formula.

"There's a lot of bands that have the formulas that we're writing to: your intro, your verse, your pre-chorus, chorus, but I think our music has an innocence to it and kids can relate to it. It's not so copy and paste."

The support from the local community has been staggering; according to Atom their debut show sold over 500 tickets, and local radio station, The Wave, has been especially helpful in promoting their music.

"Everyone seems to be supporting us and hoping that we'll take it to the next level and, hopefully, put Saint John on the map."
- Here Magazine

"EMI/VIRGIN Records Finalists"

Finalists for EMI/VIRGIN Records Record Deal. Guaranteed spot on EMI Records Compilation Cd. - MO ARTISTS

"Past Shows"


Never Coming Home Tour w/We are bravest, Time Brings Change, Life Like Rockets

June.12 – The Blue Olive, Saint John N.B (Debut Show)
June.24 – Mikado’s, St. Catherines O.N
June.25 – Club NV, Brantford O.N
June.26 – 24.7, Burlington O.N
June.30 – Maxwell House, Waterloo O.N
July.1 – The Roxy, Acton O.N
July.2 – Uxbridge Youth Center, Uxbridge O.N
July.4 – Man Over Moon, London O.N
July.6 – Absynthe, Montreal Q.C
July.7 – L’Alize, Montreal Q.C
July.8 – Nicholaj’s. Saint John N.B
July.9 – Oasis’s, Halifax N.S
July.11- Plan B, Moncton N.B
July.12 – Minto Legion, Minto N.B

Nazareth Tour

July.21 – Crossroads, Saint John N.B
July.23 – Civic Center, Woodstock N.B

Mariana’s Trench Tour

Aug.5 – Pepsi Center, Corner Brook N.F.L.D
Aug.6 – Summer Blast Festival, St.John’s N.F.L.D

Aug.13 – Fundy Fog Festival, Saint John N.B
Aug.20 – Open Air Festival, Grand Bay N.B
Nov.5 – The Cellar, Fredericton N.B
Dec.31 – Boardwalk (New Years Downtown) Saint John, N.B


Jan.5 – UNBSJ, Saint John N.B
Feb.25 – Union Station, Corner Brook N.F.L.D
Feb.26 - Headquarters , St.John’s N.F.L.D
Mar.5 – Saint John Theatre, St.John N.F.L.D
Mar.13 – The Opera House, Toronto O.N ( CMW Showcase)
May.15 – The Pavillion, Halifax N.S w/ STEREOS & NEVEREST
July.1 – Q Plex, Quispamsis N.B ( Canada Day)
Aug.1 – Q Plex Quispamsis N.B ( New Brunswick Day)
Aug.5- Harbourfest, Summerside P.E.I w/These Kids Wear Crowns & Alyssa Reid
Aug.11 – The Capital, Fredericton N.B
Aug.13 – Peppers Pub, Saint John N.B
Nov.16 – Club One, St.John’s N.F.L.D w/ Finger Eleven

""THE PLAYDATES" Album Review"

A great review by a great website. Check out the URL - Music Nerd Chronicles

"TOP 25 Reviewed Bands of 2010"

Tied for 9th place with a score of 8.0. The highest Score of 2010 was 8.4. - Music Connection Magazine

"Jimmy Hollywood ( North American Radio Personality)"

In my many years associated with the world of entertainment, I know a winner when I hear one...
In my book, THE PLAYDATES are winners!

They've got a fresh sound based on a classic formula:
The perfect blend of vocal and musical talent.

Do as I've done...jump on THE PLAYDATES band wagon.
It's going to be an exciting ride!

The REAL Jimmy Hollywood
- Jimmy Hollywood

"Scott Clements (Radio Review)"

"The debut from The Playdates deserves to stand long with artists like Marianna’s Trench, Hedley, and Faber Drive because of the quality of the song and performance. Early testing shows that we have a hit with “Just Like the Movies”.

Scott Clements
PD, The Wave Saint John. - Scott Clements

""Know Them Before They're Famous"

By: Jess Grenier

Straight out of Canada, this powerpop band is starting to find its way onto the radars of people everywhere. I recently came across this band on while searching for new music to listen to. Once I stared listening to them, I just became hooked.

The four-piece band consists of; Adam (lead vocals/bass), Ryker (keys/backup vocals), Chris (drums) and Aaron (guitar). Currently they’re touring around Canada, making stops in many of Canada’s provinces. The Playdates don’t currently have any EPs or albums but they do have three songs on MySpace and With those three songs, I believe, shows the work of some pretty talent musicians. It’s hard to pin-point who they sound like giving them a unique sound, which doesn’t hurt because who wants all their bands to sound the same? But, to give you some idea what they sound like; take a vocal similar to Mayday Parade and put it with Cobra Starship’s synth style.

Each member dresses similarly, each in a plain colored shirt, white belt, white tie, white suspenders with black pants. Not many bands coordinate what they wear nowadays so it’s nice to see some bands that still do. So you’re bored and looking for new music head to their Purevolume or MySpace to take a listen and check out their snazzy way of dressing. - SHREDNEWS.COM


This ebullient band's '80's image (skinny ties, expect for the singer who's in a bowtie) is tightly wound, as is their music. The bouncy "Just like the movies" has a Mae/Anberlin sheen to it ( with a touch of Jimmy Eat World and All American Rejects) and would be great for tv/film slot. The group's vocal attacks achieves a harmonic blend that's as familiar as it is effective at nailing "high school anthem." "Goodbye Haley" is just as catchy and equally saleable slice of teen life. The Playdates are polished, dressed and ready.


Production - 8
Lyrics - 7
Music - 8
Vocals -- 9

"Front Page Kings Of A&R dot com"

The Playdates have quickly become a Kings favorite with songs like Just Like The Movies and Days and Nights. These songs are full of hooks, but then again singer/songwriter and bassist of the band, Adam grew up listening to bands like Journey, Def Leppard and Aerosmith. This powerpop rock act may have only formed in January of 2010, but they have already hooked up with upcoming producer
Luc Tellier who has worked with bands like “Colorsound“,
“Fiction In Motion” and “The Mission District” and they’ve booked a Canadian Tour for the summer. - Kings Of A&R


* Just Like The Movies (Single) - April 2010 - Charted #71 BDS Charts

* Days And Nights (Single) - August 2010 - Charted #73 BDS Charts

* All Night (Single) - February 2011 - Charted #78 BDS Charts

* THE PLAYDATES EP - March 2011

* Who's It Gonna Be (Single) - Sept 2011 ( Currently working single - Currently spinning on over 10 stations )



THE PLAYDATES are a hook filled pop/rock group from Canada’s East Coast. The band is a formation of musicians who have been playing in bands for over a decade, yet Atom, Chris, Aaron and Ryker are still in their early twenties.

With the group solidified, THE PLAYDATES immediately hit the studio with up-and-coming producer (Luc Tellier – The Mission District, The New Cities) and recorded six tracks in Montreal, Canada. Those tracks would spark interest from the music industry in Canada and the U.S landing them on several magazines/websites such as (Kings Of A&R, Shred News, Music Connection) amongst others.

Atom, THE PLAYDATES front man and songwriter, writes catchy relatable pop songs and admits that he is still exploring many different methods of writing. “While we were writing songs for our EP, Chris and I had lost our best friend/guitarist in 2009, and the only way we coped was to continue writing and playing like we had for the last 8 years. Our songs, in essence, were a continuation of life – upbeat, sing out loud, dance and feel pretty good about the hope and opportunity down the road.”

Now that the group has been touring together for over a year, they believe they are truly ready to introduce “THE PLAYDATES” as performers, songwriters and musicians.

“We’ve started writing songs for our first full length album. The creative process is definitely a band collaboration. I think when you form a new band, it takes time to discover your collective voice and how you want to express yourself musically and lyrically. We’ve found our sound as a band and it is exciting as hell.” Atom goes on to describe the new sound - “Compared to our EP, the new album is definitely darker and more meaningful, but it maintains small elements of our original sound. I feel that, in the end, if each song doesn’t get your heart racing and feet moving, then we haven’t done our job and been true to our voices, both past and present.”

For now, the band is enjoying success including EP singles that are charting nationally on Canadian radio and being licensed to TV networks and shows including MTV and Much Music. Both "All Night" and "Just Like The Movies" charted respectively in the 70's on the HOT AC Canadian Radio Charts.Their single "Days And Nights” soared to #1 on the East Coast Countdown.

THE PLAYDATES are currently working their latest single from the EP “Who’s It Gonna Be” at radio. They are performing selected dates throughout Atlantic Canada and writing for their first full length debut album. December will see the band back in the studio to record the new album for a January 2012 worldwide release.

For information contact management
Sound Of Pop
Glenn McMullen

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