The Pleasures of Merely Circulating

The Pleasures of Merely Circulating


Post-everything, female-fronted trio from Marfa, Texas--Bo Diddley sits in with The Minutemen? Bjork, Chrissie Hynde & Joplin are one voice? Woody and Waits co-write lyrics? At times, raw and lean; at times melodic and complex.


“Though it’s highly unlikely that Bo Diddley ever hung out with Sid Vicious, their ghosts share the room when Marfa, Texas, outfit The Pleasures of Merely Circulating plug in their amps....their sound, kinetic, freewheeling, loud, and a little bit dangerous...a pleasure to the ears.” -- LOCAL IQ

"The Pleasures have just released their 13 song debut CD -- and what a pleasure it is! ... a sound that is gutsy, smart, raw, and strangely melodic ... with subtle hooks, smart lyrics and catchy vocals that keep you wanting more." GOOD TIMES MAGAZINE

"[Y]ou'll be surprised by the serrated, punky rock of this ragged, rewarding trio, led by fire-breathing vocalist/guitarist Jeanne Sinclair. ... There's a bit of Rilo Kiley coquettishness to Sinclair's style, but the raging bass and drums -- and stream-of-consciousness lyrics -- obliterate anything approaching cuddly indie-pop." FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM

“The Pleasures' visceral art-punk is more philosophy than raunch” AUSTIN CHRONICLE

"This trash rock trio wraps their cotton candy around concrete and lobs it at your head. .... worth checking out." CULTURE BUNKER

"White Stripes, No Doubt and Letters to Cleo wrapped up into one" DAILY NORTH TEXAN

8-TRACK TAPE? Yep! The Pleasures will soon be releasing an EP featuring a new song “8-track” (plus a few other new ones) on CD and digital download in addition to a very-very-and-we-mean-very limited edition 8 track tape.



Written By: The Pleasures of Merely Circulating


You were going to study art. I was gonna be a stoner.
We were moving to New York City to be loners.
And what goes wrong and what goes right, everything important happens at night.
So I’m sleeping in again. I can sleep all day.
Anything important always finds a way to find me here in bed a little alive, a little dead.
Everything important happens too late at night.
You were going to be friendly. You were gonna smile.
I was gonna take a long, long while.
And what goes right and what goes wrong,everything important takes too long.
So I’m drinking again. I can drink all night.
Anything important enough and it just might find me here inside a little dead, a little alive.
Everything important takes too damn long.


Self-titled debut CD has charted at a number of college and indie stations, including: KSPU Seattle #20, KWUR St. Louis #8, KBSU Boise #26, KZMU Moab UT #2, WCRD Muncie IN #16, WCWP Brookville NY #26, WECS Willimantic CT #8, WHFR Dearborn MI #28, WMCN St. Paul MN #11, WPSC Wayne NJ #27, WUSC Columbia SC #10, WUSR Scranton PA #10, WVCW Richmond VA #15, WMTU Houghton MI #10, WNMC Traverse City MI #20, and WMEB Orono ME #18. Thank you!

Set List

The Pleasures of Merely Circulating are "becoming known for highly energetic performances, packed with tight, garage-pop gems." (Big Bend Sentinel). A set is about 45 minutes, played both raw and tight. A set of our songs: Loners, Empire, You & Me &, Famous Religions, Unbellyfeel, Funeral, Lightin', Huddie, D., Song of the Luddites, History of the South, Sunshine & Drugs, Wobbly, Roy Orbison's Glasses. Sometimes we cover "Everybody's got Something to Hide Except for Me & My Monkey."