Adam Myles

Adam Myles


We are a unique band with a wide range of influences. We have great music, personality, and determination.


We are a band in Edmonton AB. We have been playing shows and recording for a few months now and are looking to take the next step.


Amorous Energy

Written By: Adam Myles Carty

Electric eyes are everywhere
I feel the heat in her stare
Inside this truth or dare
A love inside we both share

And in this moment I am aware
A nervous pulse in her stare
You only get one shot at this dare
So grab ahold before it is more
than you can bear

There is something in the way she moves
Something in the way she looks at me
That takes me to a place inside
Where I belong

Everyone and Everything
Happiness she brings
More than I was meant to be
Next to her amorous energy

Live and Die

Written By: Adam Myles Carty

When I am among the masses
And this life slowly passes
I know there is nothing left to fear
If the moment is to become clear
and never fall into morasses

Obi Wan ascending on the brink
If this life is to become in sync
And this life is to become endear
I know there is nothing left to fear
If I am to find lifes greatest link

I know nothing can last forever
When all that lives is born to die
On the path lifes sweet endeavour
Never fear to deny
And though nothing can last forever
I look up to reach the sky
Where the meaning I tether
I never wanted to just
Live and Die



Set List

Live and Die/ Stay True/Amorous Energy/Learn Your Place/ Wolf/ I'm Not For Sale/Beside Myself/Virility/My One Desire/ Get it Right/ Undeafted One/ Youth Rebel/Servant/ Gotta Live Today/Come On/Slave Those are most of our originals. We don't do covers.