The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower

The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower


An all-smart version of punk; spit, attitude, and sexuality.


The upcoming Plot single "INRI" marks a new period in the band's musical output. It's seems like just yesterday they were fresh faced losers with big hair and a dance revolution message; Lifting kids out of the basement and into the heavens. Many others have now taken that bag and ran it into the ground. If it was the heavens in 2003 then it was hell in 2004. In 20 returned as slick long hairs in cowboy boots opening up gigs for The Locust across the mid-west. During the nearly six months of 2004 that The Plot spent on the road they faced angry mobs at nearly every show; tires were slashed, fights broke out, and clubs shut their doors on them. These deranged moments had no effect on The Plot’s desire to disturb crowds but by winter '04 they were broke, bruised, and banned. Only the likes of the Sex Pistols, Contortions, Antioch Arrow or Birthday Party could beat The Plot on an irresistibly awful night. Alternative Press kicked off the New Year with kind words highlighting The Plot as "one of the top 100 bands to know in 2005."

February 2005 saw the release of The Plot's 2nd album Love in the Fascist Brothel (Three One G/Revelation). The front cover was a cartoon depiction of a Nazi officer with saggy breasts bent over the behind of a half woman half horse. Inside the album sleeve The Plot was shown performing in mock Nazi outfits surrounded by dozens of saluting officers. It was clear that The Plot had no intentions of cleaning up their image. Outfitted like sexy Third Reich bruisers The Plot hit the road early and jumped on several tours with The Locust, Ex-Models and Year Future. In March they pogoed all over the SXSW festival. Blender Magazine was there to document the hysteria and they printed a very fitting description, “The Plot has more tempo changes and snotty attitude than most punk bands can fit into a career.” Despite an ugly opposing crowd sending mass emails of disapproval The Plot marched through Europe leaving crowds of people cheated or impregnated with obsession. Just two days after the European tour ended the boys were already on stage; this time in front of 2,500 kids at the Chicago House of Blues. The Plot and The Blood Brothers traveled the states for two incredible months and after it was over The Plot took some much needed time off.

Upon the release of their new single “INRI” it will soon be clear that The Plot has now become something all its own. Like THE CONTORTIONS and SEX PISTOLS before them, The Plot throws together an all-smart version of punk; spit, attitude, and sexuality. They have turned the world on its ears with their on and off stage spontaneity. Whether they are in Australia, New Zealand, Europe or the States every kid wants to jump up and sing along or get down and dance.


"Necktie Party"
7" Single 2001 (CNC)

"Dissertation, Honey"
CD/LP Album 2003 (HCNL)

"If You Cut Us, We Bleed"
7" EP 2003 (HCNL)

"Love In The Fascist Brothel"
CD/LP 2005 (Revelation/Three One G)

"INRI/Boys Keep Swinging"
12" EP 2006 (Artfag)

Set List

3-9 songs
Running Time: 30-40 mins