The Plum Buttons

The Plum Buttons


We are the european version of folk-rock with a pinch of purple country. We capture the colors of these genres and melt them into Plum Buttons; a blue-redish closure of the fiery folk fairytale. Like a bitter-sweet countryside bursting with life and tellings.


We met in a rose-garden at an outdoor venue in Copenhagen, Denmark. One wearing a hat, the other an accordian, the third taking pictures with an old camera, the fourth making the drums and the last one singing with guitars. We came together and put out Majs music in the purple sound we seem to create doing jujst that. Quite soon we were playing at most venues in Copenhagen spreading the music to the people furthermore in Malmö, Oslo, Berlin and similar places. Our influences are old boots and dusty guitars, the beauty of a rose, the red haired girl and a firm handshake.


May have released an EP in her earlier days wich gives an impression of our work. We've been so busy playing and because of our relatively new aquaintance we're still planning our first publication.

Set List

We can create sets to different occations. We have in all 25 songs at this point, continuesly writing more. Our set will be dynamic, often starting and ending with a bang. We enjoy the possibilities of planning a set to the exact occation depending on wich.