the PMG

the PMG


the PMG is a rock and roll band who combines elements of blues, jam, acoustic subtlety and electric fury to create an honest and accessible sound.


In 2008 the PMG is continuing to build on what they started 4 years ago... creating honest music and playing it for anyone who will listen.

With a stellar year behind them of spreading their music by playing new venues nationally, releasing a third album (titled: the Tower, the Robot or the Monster) and building relationships with other bands that are like-minded, the PMG have laid a foundation for greater feats that are yet to come.

Made up of three of Lafayette, Indiana's finest musicians, the PMG have thrived from the ground up. This is due, largely, to their ever loyal and ever increasing local fanbase, which has proven to be a perfect base of operations for propelling the band to other listeners. Conveniently located in a quiet hoosier haven, and near to several larger cities, the PMG have developed a unique homegrown approach that is a breath of fresh air; They believe that the music should speak for itself and not be an extension of some concoted image or wave of trends found in all areas of music. This stubborness to remain 'real' and the band's dedication to their craft continues to garner support, encouragement and respect from new listeners at every outing, and this is what helps the PMG continue towards it's ultimate goal... building their constantly growing fanbase until every open-minded music lover can be reached.

In the meantime, when the band is not relentlessly traveling, the PMG continue to write and record new original music, expanding their original music library. This growth and experimentation is a key component of the health of the band and will remain to be so as long as the PMG is playing music.

Keeping all of this in mind, the best way to really understand what the PMG is all about, is to see them perform live. Their love and respect for the music they create is easily discernable and spreads contagiously to all who listen. It is unique to see an entire band who approaches every song from a standpoint of what best serves the music. Improvisation and experimentation are elements of the band's sound, but not the cornerstone. So many bands today forget to start with good songs, and this is one thing that continues to set the PMG apart. See them for yourself... it will all make sense.

In 2008 the PMG is continuing to build on what they started 4 years ago... creating honest music and playing it for anyone who will listen.


2004 - self titled
2005 - equal
2007 - the Tower, the Robot or the Monster

Set List

our set list is ever changing. It generally consists of about 85% - 90% original material. We are able to play anywhere from a half hour to three and a half hours