The Politics

The Politics


Our music sounds like a handsome rock band holding a dance club hostage.


Formed in February of 2006, The Politics music is the end product of countless hours of rehearsal, years and years of various musical influences and nothing short of a pure and passionate love for music. Derived from three musically addicted souls from Austin, TX, The Politics are nothing to mess with. An introduction is in order, Andrew Campbell on bass, Patrick Gonzalez taking care of guitar and vocals and Steven
Gonzalez on drums.


Full Length LP- 'These Bridges Will Not Stand'- Released May 2007- Our first single, ‘Make Time For The Radio’, played on 101X show (101.5FM), The Next Big Thing, hosted by Andy Langer (March 25, 2007- Present)

The Politics EP- Released September 2006

Set List

Typical set list:
1. Thief
2. Back Seat Shake Down
3. Face You Wear
4. Dr. Sinister
5. PND
6. Overrated
7. We Burn All Night
8. About A Liar
9. Hail To The Chief
10. Second Class
11. Deadweight Media
12. Make Time For The Radio