The Pollocks

The Pollocks

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

American rock, with a bit of pop thrown in. Catchy melodies, beautiful harmonies, and simple, introspective lyrics. Three chords, and an analog tape machine. The music is energetic, full of love and spontaneity, ready to run off of the rails in search of adventure.


The Pollocks are led by Jason Pollock, former guitarist and songwriter for Seven Mary Three. In the mid 1990s, Jason penned such hits as "Cumbersome" and "Water's Edge", sold a few million albums, and toured extensively. His new band was formed in 2014, when a friend told him that he needed to get back into the game, and present to the public his catalog of songs that had been piling up. The band is: Jason Pollock (co-writer, guitar, vocals), Nathan West (drums), Thomas Gunn (co-writer, guitar, vocals), Randy Mendicino (bass), and Maryline Meyer-Pollock (vocals, percussion). The songs are recorded in a centuries old farmhouse, using only analog equipment, and highlight the band's strong belief in community, love, and the small pleasures in life. The music can best be described as American rock, with the right amount of soul: The Rolling Stones meets Jefferson Airplane. There's some Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Neil Young thrown in for good measure. The psychedelic South, in three part harmony...


Desert Of Desire

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

When will it rain again? / This drought never ends
It just grows stronger / Lasting longer
My fields turn to dust / My wife, she took her life
I can't stand to choose / The next part of love I must lose

I sold my family's farm / To a bandit with a banker's arm
I'm so deep in debt / Nowhere to run for help
I beg and curse the sky / Hug a bottle and hope to die / But it's all vanity
Not even sorrow belongs to me

My friends all try their best / To glorify the past
But some things aren't brought up / They don't mention hope and love
I beg and curse the sky / Hug a bottle and hope to die / But it's all vanity
Not even sorrow belongs to me

Let the rain clouds find my eyes
And the deep pools drown my mind
I'm so thirsty and I'm dry / Like a desert of desire
A desert burned by desire

Like a desert, baby burning / Every body yearning / Lonely planet turning / The end of all, or nothing
The smallest thing still haunts me / In the morning

Johnny Sunshine and The Rainbows

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

Life goes on like a mournful horn in a heroin room at the break of dawn and I'm lonesome / Once again / Oh, sweet oblivion / Let your freedom ring

I drift down to the corner store where Johnny Sunshine waits with The Rainbows
To save my soul / It'll take more than gold / So, I've learned how to laugh

Please let your love be the death of me

I've neglected every ray of hope that hides inside your eyes
I'm worth every tear drop / But you know I won't stop / Cause self-pity sells

Johnny says he's seen the place where love burns brighter than the sun
I say, “Don't you mean, Heaven?” / He says, “No man, Harlem” / “Heaven's way too straight”

The dog eared dealers keep the corners parted like two sides of a sea
Parking is free / But you'd better buy something / Or you might meet your fate

I'm feeling high as The Rainbows blow a melody that's sweeter than the rain
I feel like singing / And going dancing / And never coming back

Show Me What's Mine

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

Your eyes they shine / Show me what's mine

Ever since I left your eyes I've tried to find my way home
L.A. drifts away and New York stays stoned
I need the quiet country / A place to make things right
I'll shovel my share and forget the wandering life

I was just a virgin who wanted an adult portion
I set out to raise some hell and do myself a little harm
The mornings turned bitter and caffeine became cocaine
Roads ran into nights that hide the American dream

Disillusion grows like skin that shows every bone
It's so hard to make it fit that I wanna lie down and quit
But good fortune crossed my path like a long haired cat
And suddenly I fell in love and realized, I don't give a shit

Love Is Alive

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

These are the days when we can't wait / To get our hands on each other
These are the days when we can't wait / For the work to be over
These are the days when we forget / To be nostalgic
These are the days when love is alive

I cracked open my fortune cookie / My future, she looks so rosy
I'm either gonna be rich / Or, I'll have lots of money
Well, you know I'll take the one, baby / That I don't have to hide
These are the days when love is alive

I wrote my masterpiece / A love story with no words in it
The more that it's read / The less that it's finished
Everybody shakes their head / And they ask each other why
These are the days when love is alive

You tell me that you're scared / Of the great unknown
You wish sometimes that life / Would just leave you alone
But these are days worth living / These are days to survive
These are the days when love is alive

Love is alive

She Wants Love

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

She wants love when I'm up all night / She wants love with champagne on ice
She wants love
She wants love that's pure as gold / She wants love that can't be bought, nor sold
She wants love
I don't know if I could be so bold

She wants love even when I'm mean / She wants love when my conscience comes clean
She wants love
She wants love even when I'm a jerk / She wants love when I smoke and drink and curse
She wants love
I don't know if I can give enough

When we met, she was cold as ice / Now she burns as wild as a fire
She wants love / She wants love
From the evening to the morning to middle of the end of time
We're gonna live a love, not a lie

Cinnamon Hair

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

My soul was sold / I was a mess / A lonesome valley crossed my chest / Into the ditch I did slip

You blew my words back in / My paper thin skin / Fell in love with itself / The rest I sent to hell

And I swore not to regret / I swore not to regret / I swore not to regret

My sun had set / I was a wreck / Happiness looked like a threat / Deep into debt my health slipped

Now the troubles that I've known / They're just smoke rings that I've blown / I've turned my back on death And I swore not to regret

I'd use all of my powers to hold back the shadows and burn for that girl with the cinnamon hair

When I was young nobody taught me how to be lonely
It's hard to move on when you can't forget what's waiting up ahead

High Line

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

Blood is flowing from Hell's Kitchen
Down 34th street into Chelsea
Down in The Village flowers are growing
Down in a basement horns are blowing

The High Line / On the High Line

Talk to yourself and talk to the city
Talk to the people that nobody's seeing
Up on the West side looking for trouble
Light up a cigarette, make it a double

Every time I look at you I think I'm gonna die
Every time I leave you I think I wanna cry

Put your head upon my shoulder
Feeling young and feeling bolder
Doors are swinging, windows are open
The East is the best so
Fuck Jim Morrison

Set And Setting

Written By: Jason Pollock,Thomas Gunn

When you see the world as it is
You reach the point of no return
Walk forward, never look back
The road behind you will be burned

You can always count on friends to guide you when you fall
Just be careful, in the end the ones you pick may not be
Friends at all

Is the way you see yourself the way that you are?

Overthrow your view of the world
The ground is shifting underneath
Up above the sky is on fire
Stars are melting at your feet

And for all you know it just gets wider as you climb
Let your ceiling go, release your expectations
And you'll be all right


Set And Setting (2018)

Johnny Sunshine and The Rainbows (2015)

Set List

Two, one hour sets.

Original material from our records. 

Covers include: "Bonnie and Clyde", "L'anamour" (Serge Gainsbour), "Rock and Roll", (Lou Reed), "Don't Let Me Down" (The Beatles), "That's All Right Momma" (Elvis Presley), "Evangeline", "The Shape I'm In" (The Band), "Good Shepard" (Jefferson Airplane), "Tomorrow Is A Long, Long Time" (Bob Dylan), "American Girl", "Last Dance With Mary Jane" (Tom Petty), "Bad Ass Rockin" (Ray Wiley Hubbard), "Johnny B Goode" (Chuck Berry), "To Live Is To Fly" (Townes Van Zandt), "Honky Tonk Women", "Dead Flowers" (The Rolling Stones), "Althea" (Grateful Dead)