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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Haven't Stopped Playing"


I received your cd about 2 weeks ago and my programmers haven't stopped
playing it! They all agree that it's one of the better rock cds to
come out so far this year and are really interested in getting more of
your work. I gotta admit that I'm really into it too.

Oh, my name is Paul Morrow and I am the music director here at CHLY,
Radio Malaspina (in Nanaimo).

So, I was looking at the liner notes and noticed two other cds that you
have available. If we could get those, I can virtually guarantee a
great deal of airplay at the station. Heck, if they get this excited
over a single, I can't imagine what it'll look like when they see a
full length!
- CHLY Music Director EMAIL

"A real shame!"

The only uncomfortable part of the evening for me, was when the Polys
came on stage.

Thanks to OP girl-about-town and assistant culture editor Amanda Allstar
Aikman, I had been turned on to the Polys and was looking forward to seeing the band for the second
time. Up and coming in all areas west of New West, the Polys should have
been the most anticipated act of the evening. Sadly, those in attendance on Thursday felt that the arcade
games at the back of the room were simply too riveting to come forward and pay attention to the band. Oh sure, only minutes before there were hysterical crowds lining the front of the stage, clambering for freebies, but the Polys were practically greeted by cricket sounds.

It's a real shame because they were bloody brilliant. The faithful were
rewarded with a tight, albeit brief show that drove home the fact that the Polys deserved better.
- The Other Press

"Sidetrack Cafe Live Edmonton"

The Polys fired off a blistering set of indie noise that took us back to out days of Sonic Youth and The Pixies. The ghost of Frank Black was in many of those songs.

November 2005 - Shameless Records

"Know how to rock"

The polys know how to rock.
What's that you say? You too
have mastered the fine art of
rocking? Chances are the polys can
still teach you a thing or two.

- The Other Press

"someone who feels like you do"

ÒWhen tension and angst overwhelm
a young mind sometimes the only
thing that can relieve it is to find
someone who feels like you do. The
polys feel it. ÒBreathe NowÓ is their
latest album and is one of the most
intelligible manifestations to date.Ó

Ð -

"Best Music so Far"

ÒWould sound great in the
right venue. IÕd even pay to
come see you guys. Best
music at NMW IÕve come
across so far.Ó

Ð Some Judge at New Music
West 2002 - Some Judge at New Music West

"Meet the Polys"

"ItÕs impossible for people to not make comparisons so the best we can hope for is that one day, hopefully not long from now, people will say of new bands, ÕHey, they sound like the polysÕ.Ó In the mean time, Tkach (Bunny) is not going aroundsulking about being compared to some of the most successful and admired acts of the past 15 years,

ÒWe will always hold on to our artistic integrity and crank out the most honest, original music we are capable of. We will always push ourselves harder and harder to establish our own sound with music fans, but in the mean time, weÕre certainly not going to complain
about such comparisons.Ó

Ken Trewin
Terminal City - Terminal City - Cover Story


In November 2005 the polys recorded their latest full length album at The Hive in Vancouver - yet to be released (Feb 2006?).

"Breathe Now" EP 2004 - also inluded in 2004/05 Promo Kit as Demo Songs. All 3 songs, Breathe Now, Holiday and Majestic Teenage Dreams received college radio airplay & charted well.

"In It" LP 2002. Cfox & college Radio played Burn, Blood & Jo Jo.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Polys just finished recording a new full length CD at Hive Studios in Vancouver (November 2005).

Looking for label interested in releasing it, if not soon we will release independent.

Just signed contract with Minty Fresh in Chicago to shop the polys for any commercial/movie interest.

The polys have been around since 2000. They started with singer/guitarist Bunny incessantly asking Maude to play bass with him. A second guitarist and a drummer came along but couldn't handle Bunny's personality for too long. In comes Bunnys cousin, Rich, to play keyboards. The three found a drummer named Jonah and in 2002 the "in it" album was released. Soon after this, the pressure of becoming a full-time working band made Jonah quit.

Two weeks later the polys recruited young Alex on drums and soon after, his cousin, JP joined to add more guitar. In 2004 this group of five released an ep/demo called "Breathe Now" which also included "Holiday" and "Majestic Teenage Dreams". Still, with two promising releases Alex & JP decided to split as well.

No Drummer...

The moral was low but then... but what do you know? Straight from the Brazilian indie-rock scene comes drummer Falcao, a newly landed immigrant who happened to be avidly searching for the best band possible to join in his new home. It was all very quick, like love at first sight. Suddenly everybody is happy and excited again. The arrangements were transformed, the songs become more powerful than ever and there was a positive energy of sorts that seemed to keep pushing the band forward. It was just one of those things that felt really right...

And so, in November 2005 the polys recorded there latest full length album at the hive in vancouver.

And just after Falcao quit.

No worries. The core band is solid: Bunny, Maude, and Rich will never part. As far as a drummer goes - there's always session players! However, we are still looking for the perfect drummer...