The Poly Shores

The Poly Shores


"Stone cold funky basslines, shark-toothed guitars and smart/stupid sloganistic lyrics".. -Jesse Locke.

"Completely OWN YOUR EARS" .. -Fish Griwkowski.


The Poly Shores are a "post-garage" quartet birthed out of a frigid Calgary basement. Equipped with post punk songs, psych pop tendencies and prepubescent girl yelps, the Poly Shores ran wild smearing rancid baked goods throughout 2009/10 recording an EP, LP and were featured on a CJSW 90.9 compilation which were well received by a whopping four southern Alberta based publications and music-blogs.
After a string of underground shows, supporting bills and Sled Island showcase celebrating their 10 months as a band the Poly shores dropped into obscurity and inactivity but LOOK OUT when you least expect it you might just get a twinkie shoved down your throat hole.


The Poly Shores s/t - 2011
White Fear single - 2010

Set List

Troof Sonic
Badminton Champs
Hentai IS Too Art
Kim Gordon's Underpants
White Fear
Summer Number 9
Potato Ships
Hentai Is Too Art