Apple Tart

Apple Tart


Our sound is like nothing you have heard before. It's is a very unique blend of vocal harmonies, piano gutair and beats.Our style is somewhere between alternaitve accoustic rock, blues and something else that we are finding near impossible to put into words.


The band has emerged from kellie's solo meanderings on the open mic circuit of Dublin. With songs rich in meaning and poetic lyrics, a bigger sound was needed to express them fully. Enter, Annie Hanlon, with her magic fingers.The piano and guitar together proved to be something very special. Annie, who is now doing her phd in music and Kellie, who has no formal music training, began educating eachother in very different ways.Breaking the strict rules of musical notation and tightening up haphazzard ryhthms, a very unique sound began to escape. This is the essence of the Polyrhthms.With influences like Pj harvey and Tori Amos, intense melodic expression and expermentation have become a staple for the band. Each song demands something new. The girls are currently expanding their playing of instruments so that each song will have it's own sound.
Their recent gigs have been in In venues across Dublin, the biggest of which took them across the boarder to play in Sandino's Cafe Bar in Derry, Northern Ireland, Supporting Belfast based BoatHouse.
The Girls are working on their Debut ep which was originaly entitled, Taming the beast, but proved be un-tameable, the title came from Kellie's painful inability to keep time with the others and resulted in their polyrhythmic structures!! yes, it makes sense!! We swear.


In 2006 Kellie recorded her solo Ep entitled, Kellie Marie's Raw Ep. The tracks, Vampires in Daylight, Red wine Rubys sessions, Someone like you and Okay to Cry, have been featured on Dublin south Fm (97.3)Trinty Fm, 93.7. Oline at, live recordings of gigs played in Thomas Reads Dublin and Sin e, Dublin, and of a radio interview with tracks played live acousticly, have been featured.

Set List

Typical set list is about 90 minutes long and is a mix of Originals and covers. The originals are:
Some one like you, Vampires in Daylight, Red wine Ruby sessions, Fade out the City, Okay to cry, Plato's Children, Taken by the night, Drunk on you, Stem Cell Research Baby, Confession of an Angel, Don't Fall,

Son of Preacher BY Dusty Springfield, Crazy by Knarles Barkley, Zombie by the Cranberries, The time is now by Moloko, Feeling Good By Nina Simone, Rebellion (lies) by Arcade fire, Talking about a revolution by Tracey Chapman, All Along the watchtower by Bob Dylan, and many more that we learn every week.