The Poondevils

The Poondevils


The Poondevils are an grunged out power rock trio looking to change the lulling rock music scene and bring it back to life with a sound that is sure to knock you on your ass!


The Poondevils are a power trio looking to change the lulling rock music scene and bring it back to life once again. Formed in August 2004 with members Shane Devins and Phil Peterson when they both left a previous band and decided to start their own band. The Poondevils current lineup has Shane Devins on Guitar/Vocals, Phil Peterson on Bass Guitar and Steve Boor on Drums and Backup Vocals. All 3 have been playing their instruments nearly their whole life and are influenced by bands such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, The Pixies, Local H working to create a Rock sound that knocks you on your ass. Starting off with their first gig in February 2005, a 3-song demo released in September 2005, and a Full Length EP release in April 2006 The Poondevils have played shows at venes like The Double Door(Chicago, IL), The Rave(Milwaukee, WI), The Note(Chicago), Logan Square Auditorium(Chicago), and many other local venues. Also recently they were selected out of thousands of bands to be a part of the Chicago Rockers For Life Compilation C.D. that is to be released soon! The Poondevils are a serious rock group and ready to move ahead in their careers.


EP Preview Disc(3/3/06) - Why, Abilene
The Poondevils EP(3/28/06) - Dream, Why, Abilene, Own, Truth Be Told, Fear, No Lyrical Value, Oh Me

Set List

We usually do all/most originals including:
Feel Good
Truth Be Told
No Lyrical Value
Oh Me
Sweet Innocence

We also sometimes do a few COVERS that include but are not limited to:

"My Sharona" The Knack
"Aneurysm" Nirvana
"Killing in the Name of" Rage Against The Machine
A Led Zeppelin Medley including Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, The Ocean, Stairway to Heaven, and Dancin' Days.
"Blitzkrieg Bop" The Ramones
"Learn To Fly" Foo Fighters
"Day Tripper" Beatles
"Like A Stone" Audioslave
"Woman" Wolfmother
"Plush" Stone Temple Pilots