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The Poptart Monkeys

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We've released five full length albums with various line-ups. Here is a list from oldest to newest:

Just Like Me
Dancing With My Lunatic
Secrect Decoder Outfit
Happily Never After
Count to Zero

Our music is available for streaming and purchase on iTunes,, CD Baby, and DigStation.



Initially a Pennsylvania based cover band, things began to change for the Poptart Monkeys when the band found Tyson Clark (lead vocals/sometime drummer) in 2003.

The band traveled to Atlanta to write and record a new album (Happily Never After, 2006) at the legendary Tree Studios. The initial recording sessions were loose and spontaneous, capturing the band's live energy. The band collaborated on 13 new songs with Hugo Ferreira (Tantric).

After the band posted a few MP3s on their website, , local radio began playing one of the unfinished tracks, "Valerie." When the band put a few finishing touches on the unrefined tracks, they embarked on an ambitious tour. The band's project began to strike a populist chord.

On the strength of the energy, harmonies, and explosiveness of their live shows, the band received several offers for better gigs. Before they knew it, the Poptart Monkeys were the supporting act for the likes of 3 Doors Down, Alien Antfarm, Bowling For Soup, Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, SR-71, Sum 41, Yellowcard, and in January of 2009, Trust Company and Saving Abel.

Following a year of extensive touring in the north, midwest and southeastern United States, the band finished a controversial second place behind a hip hop act in Bodog Music's $1 Million Battle of the Bands (semi-final round, December 2006).

It then became clear that the Poptart Monkeys were no longer a little Pennsylvania cover band; they had become a bonafide regional powerhouse. Still, many believe that the band is destined for even greater heights.

This new direction is a blank page and a fresh start, as the band continues improving. The group's atmospheric textures and lunging riffs compliment Clark's emotionally revealing lyrics, which range from breathy and beautiful to scathing and aggressive, with a twist of irony. With their tight knit chemistry and infectious hooks, PTM is turning heads and leaving crowds wanting more.

And that's exactly what PTM did. Due to their rising popularity in the southern U.S., the band left their homes in Pennsylvania and re-located to Jacksonville Fl, to prepare for the "Count to Zero" tour, promoting their fifth album, "Count to Zero", which was recorded under the direction of producer John Ryan (Styx, Animotion, etc) at Steakhouse Studios in Hollywood California. The new album is already creating a buzz throughout radio stations, fans, and record companies. Due out in February of 2009, "Count to Zero" is and album in which Poptart Monkeys went back to their roots, writing what came from their influences, and creating an album full of energy and progressive movement. It truly is a new chapter in the decade of rock and roll, brought to you by Poptart Monkeys. With songs such as "Always Wrong", written about an abusive household, "Choke Yourself", "Hometown", and "Over and Out", the band calls off all rules and slams the listener in the chest with a dose of straight ahead rock and roll. Along with manager Mike Regan (Extreme) and producer John Ryan, the band plans to tour all over the country, promoting "Count to Zero", and showing people that they are ready to become a staple in the ever-so-difficult music world.
Indeed, their story has just begun.