The Popular Front

The Popular Front


Garage Rock.


The Popular Front are a young, ambitious and hard working four piece rock and roll band from the seaside town of Bray, Ireland. Their first ever official tour was a two week odyssey across the Canadian Rockies, quite a feat for a group of 21 year olds with no sort of financial backing, and a good indicator of the enthusiasm and hard work that has brought the band considerable success in recent times.

The band plays rock and roll music of the modern variety; a la Raconteurs, Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age and My Morning Jacket, to name but a few of the band's strongest influences. Their attitude towards the whole process is to try and be the best rock and roll band that they can be; by writing the best songs, and performing the best shows possible. Having played together for nearly four years as of Christmas '08, technical abilites as well as artistic and group progression has had time to breathe and grow, and it is now that the band truly feel they are on the brink of something big.

While the band has developed greatly since April '07's "Sons & Ones" EP recording sessions, they still stand by those tunes. They do, however, appreciate that since touring western Canada and writing a large amount of new, vastly improved material their sound has developed away from the cleaner, "Indie" sound to a louder, heavier "Rock", with their live shows becoming the pinnacle of the Popular Front experience.

Sept '08 Live Video footage available at:


Sons & Ones EP - March '08

Set List

The Popular Front play 40 minutes to an hour of original garage rock and their setlist would look something like:

Pretty Dresser
Get it Right
The Mirror
It's a Show
Night in Town
Curse of the Atlantic
The Yes Man
Drop Dead Gorgeous
What Do I Know