The Port of Dream

The Port of Dream


A folky, poppy, singer-songwriter project with dark lyrics and quirky, genre-bending tendancies.


"I call my songs folk, but really my stuff is probably closer to Will Oldham, Mike Ness (Social Distortion) or Nick Cave than it is Pete Seeger and Joan Baez..." Port of Dream has always seemed a bit of an oddity. A singer-songwriter project that borrows from (read: steals) from Indie rock, blues, top 40's pop, and even a splash of punk and hard rock.

Chris Many started The Port Of Dream in late 2003 as an outlet for his quirky acoustic-based "Folk-Pop" while still working on other musical ventures. After years of crafting, recrafting, recreating, rerecording, and completely demolishing numerous demo tracks and EPs, The Port of Dream may have finally found its niche sound; Acoustically driven pop music with dark lyrics and catchy melodies. Influences include Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Bad Religion, Black Sabbath, and a slew of other various artists from country, blues, pop, folk, punk, and metal.

"Ultimately it's all Folk-pop. A guy with an acoustic guitar and some (hopefully) catchy songs. But I hope it's obvious from my music (as well as live performances) that I listen to a BUNCH of different stuff, and it clearly impacts the way I bang on a guitar and sing."

Currently, Chris is writing/recording the first proper album "The Promise of Rain."


The Promise of Rain - Coming soon!

Set List

Not Leaving
Rainbow in the Dark (Dio)
Real Love Revolution
The Seed (Cody ChesnuTT)
and a few other odds and ends - usually first a full band set (with a live backing band) and then a solo acoustic and/or piano set.