The Portrait

The Portrait


The portrait is a locally brewed indie-rock concept band that blends together indie and progressive rock with hints of poppy and metal instrumentals to tell an energetic and occasionally dark story of why and what we fight for throughout every day life.


The Portrait’s debut EP “Why We Fight” is a concept album telling a story of life, struggles, and fighting for the events and emotions within it. The album develops around the story of a boy who fights through life in a terrible world solely to sleep and dream of everything he desires until he awakens to the start of another day. Each track mimics his struggles from day to day and his dreams of other encounters and experiences, all with a different mood and story. The boy faces love, loss, lust, fear, despair and every other emotion associated within the process of experiencing each feeling. The Album was produced by Matt Lucas of Terminal and co-produced by Cody Bonnette of As Cities Burn and Hello High Water and is for fans of Dear and the Headlights, The Dear Hunter, Circa Survive, Cursive, As Tall As Lions, As Cities Burn, and many more.


Our LP "Why We Fight" is available on itunes, we're attempting to get on UT college radio and are on Auburn college radio.

Set List

20-25 minute set depending on gig, we like to play "The Crook," "Shame," "Feeling Lost in a Place All Too Familiar" and "Breathe Out"